Monday, April 02, 2007


By the by, folks. As we speak - there is a dood named Martin painting our upstairs! Doesn't matter that he's been here for 2 hours already, Reggie barks at him every time he makes a noise, so that's enjoyable.

I keep threatening Reggie with the squirtgun, though I haven't actually nailed him. I just show it to him and Reggie flattens his ears to his head and stares at me with big round eyes. He knows what the squirt guns means. And yet, he can't help himself when he hears a noise. He is in a conundrum: protecting me from big scary roller-wielding man upstairs or risking getting drenched with "the gun". He must think I'm some kinda effed up.


Anyhoo - Martin seems way better than the Toilet Whisperer, from our old apartment. But I guess Toilet Whisperers and Paint Guys are different sorts. Martin doesn't need painter's tape. That means he's a pro. Unless he's saving it to fasten my hands at the back of a chair while he rips us off. Ah, these things happen.

I'm thrilled cuz what would have caused us a ton of aggravation is going to be done oh so sooooooooooooooooon!

EEEE! So, thanks for all your suggestions - BIG TIME. Turns out Martin is "a guy" that a friend of ours uses (everyone's got "a guy", don't they? I guess now, we have a guy too). Appreciate you coming to the rescue (once again).

Uh oh, Martin's on his cellphone. Time to man the squirt gun.


Anonymous said...

Hey, just read your blog for hte first time today. Hilarious, I never thought something like a poo pipe could be so fascinating. Keep it up I'll be back to read more adventures of the dogs and poo pipe. sorry no blogger identity or whatever, really new to the hwole blog idea thing, but I'm KC if you were wondering

Anonymous said...

apparently after I read what I wrote I'm new to typing as well, sorry, KC

Newsguy Bob said...

KC: Unmask yourself! We're all friends here!

N@: Murphy Brown had Eldon, you have Martin. Cool.

Newsguy Bob said...

Hey, fellow bloglodytes. I'm worried. N@ hasn't posted since Martin went for his cellphone. Maybe he was calling his ami Jacques to come help him masking-tape her to a chair.

N@, if you shuffle the chair over to the keyboard, use your nose to type SOS and we'll send Ma to save you. Martin et Jacques won't know what hit 'em.