Friday, July 07, 2006

Let's Play the Feud!

I almost choked on my granola reading this. HAH!


Maria said...


Question: Name a complaint you might have about the pizza that was just delivered.
#1 Answer: It's cold
Worst Answers: It went to the wrong address
Louie Anderson's Response: And you just happened to be there.

JB said...

Very very nice. Loved the 'teenage boy can do for hours at at time' worst answer. Priceless. Turns out, though, it's something really old guys can do for hours at a time!

N@ Lauzon said...

My fave was:
Name something packrats have a hard time getting rid of:

#1 Answer: Photos
Worst Answer: Corn

LOL!! What the..? Yeah, you often hear of those crazy ol' coots living holed up in sky-high piles of trash and corn. That one honestly made me choke a little on my granola bar. HAH!

Maria said...

JB: Really old guys can do that for hours?? really???
I shudder to ask "hhhhhow dooooo youuuuu know?". Please don't tell me you have one that lives next door to you.

That comment reminded me of something my mother-in-law said when we brought her to Hawaii with us on vacation. She was sitting on the balcony of the hotel room (really late one night) because she couldn't sleep. In the morning after my husband and I woke up and went to the room that she was sharing with my son we find her sitting on the balcony. As we both go out there to join her and chit chat about how her night was and how did she sleep - she blurts out "see that couple across there in the other building?" my husband says "yeah" she says "they were making love last night" (in a broken italian accent...) I started to laugh and said "how do you know?" she doesn't hesitate even for a minute and replies "I saw them, the whole thing - I was sitting on the balcony last night because I couldn't sleep and they had the blindes open and were doing their thing - by the way the guy is very good he lasta a longa time-a" LOL God Bless her! It was just funny to hear coming from a 60-year old italian mama.

Rick said...

Hey N@
Speaking of corn, since I’m a new to your site, can you explain the origins of why you refer to your corn as "Corn" is it short for "Cornelius"?

JB said...

Well, I don't "KNOW", Maria, but it's generally accepted that old men take forever to get to the proper state of arousal to make it possible for the act in the first place. *Must* you be so literal?

N@ Lauzon said...

Hey Rick.

Corn and I met on the dubya dubya.
Yup - good ol' internet dating worked for us! And so, our first few exchanges were via e-mail and MSN Messenger. His nickname there was "Delicious Corn" - for no real reason, actually. So, in the interest of protecting his privacy from my legions of slightly insane blog readers (I wish!) - I just used it.

I much prefer his most recent nickname though: Boutros Boutros Sally.

Should I change it?

Maria said...

Nat! How come when I asked many moons ago if Corn was short for Corneluis you never answered me (sniff, sniff) but yet good ole' Italia comes by and asks the same QUESTION and bam he gets an answer.

Must I talk about farts to get your attention or what girlie? lol

So lets all send some good vibes towards Italy for this Sunday and make half of Montreal happy! lol

So WOW Internet dating really does work HUH? a friend of mine met her fiance on he is from NYC and she moving down there this summer for the big wedding! Isn't that sorta cool?

Rick said...

Nah leave it as is, but at least now I don’t have the image of a 6ft can of jolly green giant rolling around an apartment. (think the Kool-Aid jug “OH Yah”)

rick said...

Hey Maria

How do you know my roots? who do i have to fit cement shoes for?

Forza Italia ! ! !

Maria said...

I know your roots cause I checked your BLOG! Wink, wink! Nice blog by the way I loved the picture of the TV connected to the car battery so those hunky italian car mechanics could watch the soccer game while changing oil & filter! lol

Looks like something I would do (if I was even close to being a mechanic-lol) hey I love soccer and the proud mom of a son who plays soccer! FORZA ITALIA! Double goes for me!

Rick said...

Maria Penso che abbiate preso una girata errata, I don’t have a pic like that (kinda wish I did) but in any case, you called it, I’m a WOP through n through

Maria said...

RICK: No girata errata for me - I just knew you are italian cause it says it right there in your BLOG!

Have a great weekend everyone! I am on my way home. Home sweet home!

dinky said...

people are stoopid....!

like u! poop.