Monday, April 02, 2007

Will It Make A Difference?

Beautiful Sunday yesterday in Montreal. We decided to take the ratdawgs to Girourd Park, so Farnsworth could bark his ass off at the dogs in the dog park and Flea could snuffle around, ingesting non-food items.

We got in the car and started down Sherbrooke when we noticed a commotion ahead. Stopped cars. A gathering crowd. Never a good thing. I saw a body on the road. As we passed, I saw it was an old woman, who was bleeding from the mouth.

I later learned, she'd been the victim of a hit and run. She was crossing the street - on a red, unfortunately. Her son was with her and escaped injury. But she was not so lucky. Today on the news, they announced she had died in hospital.

She was jaywalking. We all do it. I do it every damn day. And now, Montreal Police are reiterating that pedestrians have to stop being so bold. And they're doling out fines. And I for one, know I won't stop jaywalking. Maybe for a few days. Then, I'll THINK about not doing it. Then obeying traffic signs will soon become a distant memory. And if I get fined, I damn well deserve it.

But drivers, too. They have to stop being such jerks, cutting us off in mid-stride. Or barreling right through crosswalks. It makes me insane. So, I guess we've all got some things to think about. But will we act on them? I hope so. And yet, I think not.

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Misster Kitty said...

I feel for the woman's family, it's sad to hear, but tickets are not going to solve anything and expecting people in Mtl to be courteous drivers is just plain silly talk.

Having been thrice (Yes I said THRICE!) hit by idiot drivers - twice while on a crosswalk where there was a stop sign and the yahoos didn't even come to a 'rolling stop' and once walking on a sidewalk across a parking lot entrance I soon realize it's everyman(woman) for themself.

Personally I was never hurt seriously and I inflicted more damage on their cars with me going ape-sh!t on them ... dents and a cracked drivers door window and the like, but then an old woman can't be that defensive...

All I can say is watch it! Don't assume that the person in the car will follow any rules of the road, or 'watch out' for you. Cause with rare exception you're just a potential speed-bump.