Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Man Who Fixes Toilets...

..looks like Cesar Milan! But from the way my dogs welcomed him, I don't think he can communicate, let alone whisper to dogs. Maybe he whispers to toilets.

Anyway, he took the whole pooper off then said he would be back with a new seal and bolts in half an hour! Call me crazy but shouldn't a seal and bolts have accompanied him to the "wobbly toilet" housecall in Apartment 12?

Anyway, now we have this:

I hope the line-up at Reno Depot isn't too crazy, cuz guess what?




John Mielke Photography said...


A) Pee down the hole since repair dude didn't plug it with a damp rag. (See my comment above).

B) Balcony.

C) Empty pop bottle... note to Corn - remove label so as not to confuse with something else.

D) In the shower. And don't try to tell us you NEVER do that. (cough) Bullshit!


N@ Lauzon said...

p.s. Please don't think less of me for the obvious discolouration of our bathroom floor. I promise I have scrubbed that thing til my hands cracked. You just can't wash away the decades of rental livin'.


Amazon Woman said...

Ahhh..Murphy's Law!

Find a tree or tie in a knot until he returns! Tee hee

Keep smilin!