Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Holmes Reno

I have an obsession with interior design. My place is not even CLOSE to a magazine spread. There is still so much stuff to do. But I often dream about what I'd love to do. I love looking at peoples' houses. I also peek in windows if I am outside. I gotta know what it looks like in there!

If I am a passenger in a car, I look for windows in weird places - like above stores or basement apartments. I look at balconies. I like seeing what people do with their space. I LOVE home reno shows. Hell, I was on one, so you know I mean it. :) Love flipping through design mags. Love before and afters. But the thing I love most is seeing how people maximize limited living space. One of my favourite shows on HGTV is called "Small Space, Big Style". Where they go into people's homes (1000 sf or less) to see how they've creatively and efficiently used their space.

Which is why I can't WAIT to see Oprah today! Nate Berkus is re-doing a teeny apartment. It's only 250 square feet!! This amazes me.

And that pretty much concludes my lame post. I AM writing a post about a murder in my neighbourhood, but it's not done yet. So, you'll have to come back. How's THAT for a tease?


Milky said...

What's your e-mail addy? I'm doing a ton of real estate photography for my lighting class, and just completed a FANTASTIC shoot of a 1 bedroom studio apartment in the Byward market.

And I have some more really cool stuff on the way!


N@ Lauzon said...


Maria said...

I look into people's houses too while driving by (not a peeping tom or anything like that) just to see what colour paint is on their walls. Yes, weird I know, but who said I was normal.

Which murder are you writing about in NDG seems like we have had several in the last little while.

Ma Horton said...

Murder she wrote and never told .

Anonymous said...

I enjoy decorating too - so does your sis - it must run in the genes! Being able to afford what you want is sometimes the problem. Maybe I could nominate you for the show "While You Were Out" - not only do you get a room decorated - but I get to meet man I have a HUGE crush on - Even Farmer ! Hunky !!
Auntie C

Anonymous said...

I like to watch those shows too. Some day I hope to have a *big girl bedroom*. I am saving my pennies for a new comforter from Sears, and then I will do my room. You could come and help if you like....lol

Sue said...

Nat, I TOTALLY identify with your last post. It's so me. I too love to see how others live in their homes when walking down the street. What's bad is when the owners catch me in the act! They must think that I'm some crazy lady! But it's such a guilty pleasure that I keep doing it anyway.

I am also obsessed with storage and great ways of getting organized. I have 2 weeks of vacation time in April and I plan on doing a major overhaul, organization-wise, of my teeny tiny 650 sq ft, 4 1/2 apt that I share with my hubby and toddler son. Our quarters have become crammed from all of the stuff that came with the baby and moving is not an option.

If anyone has suggestions to share on this matter (books, magazines, etc.), I'm all ears, and eyes :)

I will also look into the Small Space, Big Style Website for inspiration.

P.S. I loved you and the gang on Trading Spaces. I watch the reruns. I'm so envious of you! I know you had a blast and you must have learned so much from the experience.

N@ Lauzon said...

Sue! Check Oprah's site from the show w/ Nate yesterday! There was a couple and a toddler in less than 300 sq feet!! GAH!!! And they showed a bunch of great furniture that do double duty...go look! :)
p.s. I love the organizing stuff too.
I recently discovered the joy of baskets. They are neat and tidy, hold lotsa crap and look nice too!

Maria said...

I also watched Oprah yesterday... soon enough the enquirer's front page will read "OPRAH & HOME DECO GUY NATE IN BED TOGETHER".

Not that there is anything wrong with that cause he such a cutieeeeeeeee!

As for the small space apartments wow... I never thought you can actually have a bedroom in your kitchen (or vice versa) but its possible! Its good for those nights when you need a drink of water all you have to do is roll the "other" way. lol

Sue said...

I had a look on Oprah's site and it's true that Nate suggested a bunch of great ideas (which I plan on looking into), but sadly, the family living in a 300 sq ft home was not featured. boo