Saturday, February 17, 2007

Britney's Bald!

Somebody has GOT to help this girl. I am all for bald and beautiful - but somehow this feels like a cry for help. This is really just getting tragic.


Milky said...

You know... I got to interview Britney a few years ago, and the most telling part of the whole interview was everything that happened between her interview with one of the TV stations and her interview with me.

It was like watching and listening to two completely different people.

With the mics and cameras on, she was the cute little 16 year old you always saw on TV when her career first launched. She was VERY good at knowing her role in an interview.

When the TV station's interview with her was over, her posture changed, as did the things she was talking about. As I was setting up, I was witness to her almost on the verge of tears and turning to one of her handlers and asking where she was. They told her "Ottawa. It's in Canada." She then asked where she was sleeping that night. "On the plane for a while, then we'll land in Bahamas for a day off." That's when she lost it. She wanted nothing to do with a day off in Bahamas. She wanted HER bed at HER house and she wanted serious time off to be with her friends and her family.

They told her what she'd be eating, when she'd be eating it, what songs she'd be signing and in what order. They told her what clothes she's be wearing for the photos after our interview, what clothes she'd be wearing to leave the arena to go to the hotel, what clothes she'd be wearing when she left the hotel to come back to the arena and so on.

I said it to people then; "I know so many teenagers who would kill to be Britney Spears, but they only see the marketing of that person. They don't see the cold reality that is her life, and the hell that a teenager goes through when they have no say in anything that goes on in their lives." And I remembered how I, and the other teens I grew up with, always felt like our parents gave us ZERO freedom, and never let us make any decisions for ourselves.

Listening to Britney for those brief moments between interviews, I know that she would have given it all up just to have the life any of her same age fans had. The kind of freedom that allowed her same age fans to go to her concerts. I felt sad for her.

I see her now, and I feel sad. It only took me a few brief moments to realize that this is exactly what would happen to her.

I wanted so desperately to make our interview about that, but I couldn't. Those kinds of questions weren't on my list of questions that had to be approved by her handlers weeks before I was even allowed into the building.

I've interviewed hundreds of performers in my years in radio... never before have I had to submit a list of questions.

How ironic, and how truly sad that so much control would lead to someone being so out of control.


Newsguy Bob said...

Thanks for that perspective, Milky. Britney's story really is more tragedy than comedy. What you thought that day is what I think in terms of baby beauty queens, a la JonBenet Ramsey. They have no control over the freaks controlling them, and that's a recipe for tragedy.

Note to other bloggers/lurkers: Friday was Milky's birthday. Lay some belated wishes on him.

Amazon Woman said...

It is odd and really quite sad for her and her 2 young babies.

Milky...behind the veneer!

Keep smilin!

N@ Lauzon said...

you guys are up late! heh!
but now i'm hittin' the friggin' hay.

Ma Horton said...

We must always remember that celebraties are people first ..human beings who deserve their privacy and their tears . I also felt sad for this young woman who has so much and yet so little . I pray that someone who truly cares for her puts their arms around her soon before we have another tragic headline .

Newsguy Bob said...

Tragedy aside, I'm surprised that Ma hasn't picked up on the difference between Britney being bald and Britney being balled.

Milky said...

NGB: LMAO!!!!!


Ma Horton said...

Because I have class ass .

Newsguy Bob said...

Whaddya think, JB? Did Britney get a Brazilian wax on her head?

And if we get tired of this topic, we can always switch to Ashley MacIsaac getting married yesterday.

Marisa said...

Apparently when she did it, she said something about being tired of people touching her?

Maybe she wanted some attention since Anna Nicole has been hogging the spotlight lately.

She's sad to watch right now.

Ma Horton said...

I beleive she meant and who knows ..that she was tired of all those hair extensions ... and speaking of extensions NGB .. oh never mind .

N@ Lauzon said...

I'll never be able to use this on the air, so what the hell...

At least now the carpet matches the curtains!

Maria said...

YUP your right Nat you would NEVER be able to use that on the air. lol
Friggin' hilarious though.

j51 said...

coming soon the bell center

Rick said...

i got to this post too late...all the good jokes have been used :(

Well i tip my hat to Britney for getting a "telly savalas" and shaving her head.

Katherina said...

who you kidding Nat? Ive heard you say worse on the air ! :)