Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Is that code?

I gave Corn a grocery list the other day. Listed were:

Dendle Vlas
Beenit Budder
Zoy Milg
Jilly Bebbers
Jibs n Znags

He nailed every single one. Can you?!


Maria said...

ok here are my answers:

- chicken
- dental floss
- peanut butter
- bread
- Fruit
- Soy Milk
- Chocolate
- chilly peppers
- chips & snacks

P.S: Your weird if your giving anyone a grocery list like that. lol

Ma Horton said...

That's my Nat the Brat !

Newsguy Bob said...

N@: I hope your cold is better soon.

Thank God you and Corn found each other.

John said...

I got every one except "fruit". That one baffled me for some reason.

JB said...

I'm taking a chance posting this a second time, because it hasn't appeared yet...but the last time I did that, my comment appeared, like, ten times after about an hour or so. For whatever reason, your site doesn't like me posting on it. (I should take a hint, I guess.)
I just wanted to ask -
Vus dat dog joglid er milg joglid?

N@ Lauzon said...

DOG JOGLID! ALWAYS! UNLESS it's peenud ebbidebs!!

p.s. Not sure about the posting thing. I did switch to google blogger recently...maybe that's it?

Maria said...

so were my answers all right??

N@ Lauzon said...

YES! You're good.