Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Special Day

At 6pm, a man is coming to fix our toilet. It rocks.

I mean, the TOILET rocks. Y'know, wobbles when you're trying to aim your poop into the bowl. Very distracting when I am attempting to browse the the August issue of Lou Lou Magazine, even though I have the damn thing memorized by now (I've had a lot of poops since August).


A man is coming to fix the crapper. If he has the stereotypical "plumber's butt", I will try to take a photo for you. But no promises.

Also, if you do not feel fulfilled by this post, you are not human.


JB said...

I have had a lot of poops since August, too. Just thought I'd share. Two-thirds of the poops I've had to deal with haven't gone into a wobbly toilet, though. They've gone into a diaper container. I guess it could be wobbly if a copy of Lou Lou got stuck underneath one end of it.
Anyone else? Lots of poops?
Wobbliness? Diapers?

Ma Horton said...

What the sh-- y'all yakking about ?

John Mielke Photography said...

Speaking of crap... Crappy Tire has just the thing for your little problem... and it's $3!

Oh... and you can pick up their catalogue too... good reading!


Amazon Woman said...

I had to replace my toilet lid as it broke on Sunday whilst I was on it. Top that!

Keep smilin!