Sunday, July 11, 2010

What grossed me out today

Today I tried to write my latest offering for The Monitor and I kept getting distracted by Lorne Greene's Wild Kingdom outside my window.

You know those flying ants (remember this guy? He doesn't). Well, I saw a couple of those bastards get stuck in a spider web right outside my window. Then I watched the spider come down, lasso 'em and drain their innards. Ergh. I was simultaneously disgusted and amazed. I also felt some strange sort of pull to rescue the ants from the web. But I didn't. Mostly because it was too far to reach and also because, eew ants and eew spiders.

For some reason, a lot of these ants kept getting snared by the web. And I started to get kinda ticked at the spider. I mean, seriously - do you really need ALL of those guys? Then I thought Holy balls, why are there so many big-ass flying ants around here? Maybe it's okay if a few of them get 'et. And just as I was thinking it, the hugest mothership of a wasp I've ever seen darted in and snatched the spider right outta his web. BARF!!!

Then I tried to tell Scott about it and he got mad at me because he was eating.


Now - I realize I've been slacking off on my summer blogging - and I DO have pics to share from the summer so far - so come on back real soon, y'hear? I'm gonna force you to watch my 2 hour long vacation slide presentation and you're going to love it, dammit.


Misster Kitty said...

I agree... EWW ANTS ... EWW SPIDERS... and YAY Picturesd! BRING IT!

The Boondock Saint said...

All I can say it watch something called "Planet Earth".

Gross yes but kind of cool.

N@ Lauzon said...

I've watched them all!! They are amazing!!! Now, I need to watch "Life"..the latest in the series! :)