Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Roof Food

Uh oh, I'm planting again.

A few years ago, I had success with my first ever tomato plant. Seeing as how I don't even really like tomatoes, I thought I'd do it again. Because that makes sense.

This time, I comandeered our planter box for my mini-jardin. Aside: Last year, Scott was all - "this year I want the planter box!" (because he gets all eew, girl about flower abundance in that thing). And you know what he did with it - NADA. NOTHING. ZIP. Because he talks a big game, but when it comes time to getting mud and dirt under his manicure? Well, that's another story. Last year, in the box, he grew weeds and mushrooms that you definitely can't eat. Needless to say, the box is MINE AGAIN! ALL MINE!!).

This time, I decided on herbs and a few small veggie plants. Check 'em out:

Basil, chives and coriander.....

Hanging basket of red cherry tomatoes:

And a mini-garden which includes: red pepper/cucumber/radishes/jalapenos and yellow cherry tomatoes!

And, I also and planted some little boxwood shrubs in some cedar planters that we stained:

OH, YAY! I can't wait to see what dies first! Wanna place bets?!

Later this week, I'll get going on the flowers. There won't be a lot, because I'll be too busy trying to make my food plants not wilt, and as you know I'm the most precious and delicate flower of them all.

A special thank you to my green-thumbed neighbour who lent me a whole bag of cow and sheep poop for fertilizer. Poop makes everything better, people. Except when it's the bunged up or emergency kind.

(p.s. Oh, and in case I forgot to say it, thanks for this! )

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looks promising!