Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday Dispatch

What up, pimps?

I figured since you were so darn sweet with your Farnsy well wishes, you deserved to see the gummy guy post-op. Here's a shot of Reggie, havin' a snooze today. Please note the shave job on his gam, where the IV was attached.

Dreamin' of poo sangweeches.

Here is photographic evidence of one of the FEW teeth that remain (this one has always stuck out like that). But dammit, what a great-lookin' tooth it is, isn't it?

As long as I gots ONE teef, I can still puncture skin.

I don't gots no tooths. I gots tongue.

On Thursday, when I brought him home, Farnsy was a doped-up fool. He actually looked like this, but a bit more Nick Nolte:

Is muh flight here yet?

Poor guy couldn't even walk. So, I took away the car keys, gave him a cup of coffee and told him to sleep it off. Right now he's on soft food til his gums heal. Poor guy can't even squeak his favourite toy. I've seen him pick it up and try, but - not quite there yet. But - he's a dog. So, he is eternally happy and not letting a gummy smile ruin his mojo. Good ol' Arty.


Not bad for a first-timer with a notoriously black thumb, yes? And none of these ones have the disgusting poo bum that my first tomato had. The second they turn red I am going to run out with a salt shaker and a bib and get my eat on like Meredith Baxter Birney in the made-for-TV movie, Kate's Secret.

And last but definitely not least - a ginormous shout-out to my friend Misster Kitty who was my date on Saturday night. And if you want to know what we did, you'll have to bat your eyelashes and ask him. Or just click here. ;) THANK YOU FOR A FLIPPIN' FUN NIGHT!

p.s. One more thing. Ma Pigeon laid 2 more eggs and her babies aren't even GONE yet. There is now an omelet at the bottom of our garbage chute. And I didn't even feel bad.


John said...

Sweet little Farnsworth... bacon-fat jello shooters all around!

What a trauma to have so many teeth removed... although we're he human and gay, it would make him quite the playa! ;)

Maria said...

Poor little pup... hope he feels better real soon.

Glad you and Misster Kitty had a great time. The Just for Laughs shows are really great. We caught the Wiseguys on Friday night. It was a hoot.

As for your tomatoes they are really looking greeeeaaaattttttt! For a tomatoe virgin you done GOOD!

Amazon Woman said...

Poor poo! Hope the healing is fast and he is up and running again soon. Smoochies!

I had tix for FG (won) but had bought tix for Danny Bhoy. Gave FG to friend. Sounded amazing!

Keep smilin!

Misster Kitty said...

HA! THANK - YOU - JOHN! ... for my not being the ONLY one to see the terribly naughty positive side to Farnsie's new found gummy-bite.

...and maybe its just the inner Elvis in my, but "bacon-fat jello shooters" doesn't sound that bad... I'm taken back to an old comedy routine of Judy Tenuta and her impersonation of the King... "Priscilla, Priscilla, make me some bacon!"

- - -

N@, was fun going witcha... And I think I did pretty good too... I only said two lines along with the opening clip sequence...

...and dems some good lookin' toh-mahters!

Misster Kitty said...

N@... just curious, what sort of wine does one serve with 'garbage chute omelette'?

JB said...

misster kitty - you can serve any one of these three, apparently - (cut and paste),5|FoodMatch:food,77&mscssid=A85C98F86E914BC6ACF0067507A711A5

bon appetit...

Misster Kitty said...

Considering it's for 'Garbage Chute Omlette' I think the "wonderfully ripe" Thierry Lesne Gamay 2006 Champagne is the obvious choice...

JB said...

...It kinda grossed me out to find there were actually wines to be served with "Pigeon Breast Salad".

...but would it actually be an omelette, or just scrambled eggs?


JB said...

R.T. looks great, as do your tomatoes, if you don't mind me saying so.