Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kitchen not so Bitchin'

I'm on a mission. When we moved into this joint, ohhhhhh November 2006 we always said we'd have to get around to bitching up our kitchen. It's not that our kitchen is the most hideous thing ever, it's just that - it's really not us. It's just "there" for when you need to make a sangweech. Kinda space-age looking, kinda yuck - not our bag (I promise, photos will come - I'm just wiped tonight and the kitchen is dirty. I guess I want you to see it in it's best bad light).

But what's also not our bag is renovating. Combined, we can't hang a picture without drilling 15 holes in the wall. But I must - MUST get to re-doing it. New cupboards and - I'm hoping a re-painted backsplash are in my future. Our friend had a cool idea of a two-tone kitchen with different cupboards above and below the counter. I like it! So - it's what I'm hoping to do.

K - that is all. It's 8:15 and I think I'm going to bed.

I am almost as lame as my kitchen.

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