Monday, November 27, 2006

Condo Dispatch

Hey all!

Thanks for your b-day and yay-for-homo-nership wishes! :)

It's been a busy weekend. We were in bed at 9pm Fri/Sat/Sun. And yes, lamely enough that includes my birthday..which went by with absolutely zero fanfare or get togethers -but I was totally alright with that. It's been a hectic few weeks and I was happy to just chill out with Corn and rats and pizza and wine and some good fibre optic blah-dee-blahs with friends and family. I will make up for it next year with beer bongs and a gyroscope.

I took the day off today and hit the wall. The point of unpacking where everything is out of boxes and in their general areas and I just couldn't do it anymore. I got bored. So I sort of wandered aimlessly. At times repeatedly into walls, like those little wind-up toys. Good times.

But! It's all good, folks. Can't wait to show you some pics when things are less hairy. And also of the condo, too.

Ah, yeah...still got it.

p.s. Rick - chocolate. BUT I can't eat cake bc I am allergic to eggs. I actually haven't had a birthday cake in years. I am going to rent myself out for kids' parties as the Amazing Face-Inflating Anaphalactic Funtimes Gal.


Rick said...

Random Comment

They Claim Santa Clause loves all Children, then why doesn't he have any?

John said...

As a follow-up question, "do elves have little reindeer hooves for feet?" Maybe Santa "does" have children.

That's my festive bestiality joke for the year. There will be no more.

Maria said...

You rent yourself out for kids parties... my son will be 12 Dec 14th. What do you have in mind to keep the youngsters entertained?

Oh yeah... BTW I am back from Riviera Maya today! What an amazing place and what excellent weather!