Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Nest Pests

I think there is some more nest-building going on, on our side balcony. You all remember this debacle of 2 years ago?
Thing is, I actually wrote in that post that I wish instead of a dirty ol' pigeon, it was a robin? Hello Karma. I'm pretty sure this time, that's what it is. AND I LOVE ROBINS! Who doesn't love them? The first sign of spring, the pretty blue eggs, the happy little warble. Robins make neat, tidy cute nests - not like the pile of garbage the pigeons rolled around in for weeks.

Doesn't change the fact that I am still allergic to bird shit. And birds. And baby bird-raising is a really gross process, as I learned after I cleaned up after these assholes flew the coop. And yes, I will be the one who cleans it up this time too.


So, uh. Do I let them stay? And more importantly, will you please clean up for me after?

p.s. - sidenote to Pa Horton - I got your mail, thanks!!!!


Newsguy Bob said...

That's a no-brainer (bird-brainer?). Of course you let them stay. Robins are much more interesting and cleaner than pigeons.
Being the animal lover you are, there doesn't seem to be any option -- and that's a good thing.
Keep us posted with photos.

Misster Kitty said...

Not only do you gots to let em stay, I yhing the first baby should be named 'Givens'

WV is 'fectivis'

N@ Lauzon said...

Omg. It IS a robin and she is so cute. All of her nest-makin' stuff - grass, weeds and even little pieces of mud, she placed in a little pile on my balcony. And she is weaving the nest together on top of a light fixture on the balcony.

Aww, I can't kick her out.

But I do need to clean the balcony. So, I'm going to clean it today (just give it a sweep and take some stuff out of the storage box i have out there). And if that doesn't scare her, then she may stay.

Misster Kitty said...

fyi YHING means THINK... it's so obvious...

And I was also thinking ... if there's another baby robin you can name it 'Hood'.

Maria said...

I just want to know why are they attracted to your balcony year after year? Did Mama Pigeon tell her friend Mrs. Robin about the nice pad she found to have her babies and now the word is going around in the bird world.

I am waiting for the year when Mme. Ostrich shows up. Try cleaning up that poo. Better get a bigger broom.

Ma Horton said...

Are her breasts red ?