Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Room to Move

I went on a closet-purge yesterday! I've been getting annoying with pulling out the same clothes to wear over and over again, simply because I'm too lazy-ass to look for other stuff, buried deep in the recesses of the closets and drawers (part of the reality though is - I work in radio, who am I trying to impress?)

So, I spring cleaned! Tossed piles of clothes on the bed (which the dogs love because they dig themselves into squishy piles and watch me like I'm some kind of sitcom). In the end, I wrangled up 2 bags of clothes and 3 pairs of shoes to giveaway. And now there is muuuuuch more room for all of my shiz.

And more closet room equals more things to buy!

And today, I'm wearing old standbys again. HEH.


Misster Kitty said...


Newsguy Bob said...

Any of that stuff in my size? My wardrobe could use a mix-up too.

Amazon Woman said...

I do the same thing and Miss Stinky Le Poo Poo does the same thing as your boys!

Keep smilin!