Saturday, March 07, 2009


Happy Happy Birthday to your favourite leopard-lovin' blogger and mine, MISSTER KITTY! Sunday is a milestone birthday ...fabulous forty! Which is one vowel away from fabulous farty! Which is highly appropriate, as Didier and Santiago will attest to I'm sure.

Sorry I can't celebrate with you, but seeing as how I'll be in the gaybourhood tonight, I ain't far away!

May this year be the best EVER! You deserve it all, friend! XOX!


Maria said...

A very happy birthday to you Kitty.
Wishing you many, many years of health, love & happiness always...

Ouzo all 'round!

Your forty already??
Good! Just so you know --- your older than me... Life is good!

Ma Horton said...

Older schmolder ..Kitty is hotter than a leopard in heat . Love you Shawniepants !! Oh happy day !

Misster Kitty said...

YAY! that's me! but of course I'm TECHNICALLY 39+ ;-)

Thanks N@ and Maria and Ma!