Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Teeth. Who Needs 'Em? (written by a girl from Timmins)

Poor Flea. The time has come to yank our her rotting teethies. We've known for a while now that her breath was rank and her teeth were wiggly (cuz her tongue sticks out all the time). Not sure if I was hoping they'd magically un-rot themselves, but I brought her to the vet today and we made an appointment for the ol' tooth extraction. As with Sweaty, lots are comin' out.

The vet told me she, like most small dogs, are just predisposed to having bad teeth. And I actually BRUSH my dogs' teeth about 2-3 times a week - which is more than most I think. They get bones. They eat kibble. And still, their teeth defy me. BLERGH. And they are YOUNG dogs! 4 and 6.5.

So - knowing I've done my best, I resign myself to the fact that I will soon have not one but 2 gummy dogs in the house.
I actually am sort of looking forward to it, because once her gums heal she will feel MUCH better (no fun trying to eat with wind chimes in your mouth) and her breath will be spectacular. Except for post-poop sandwich eating. But I can deal with that.


Misster Kitty said...

Ugh. poor little sugar-booger...

When we take Santi in for the *snip-snip* i think I'll his teeth done too cause the smells that come out of his maw ain't purdy... Hopefully he'll have his chompers for years to come.

Sending luvs to Flea...

Newsguy Bob said...

Santiago's Maw smells? Does his Paw? Does N@'s Ma smell?

N@ brushes the ratdawgs toofs 2-3 times a week??? That's more often than I brush my own!!
Does Corn know yet that you use HIS toothbrush?

You're a great crowd! Much better than last night's! That's my time. I'm here 'til Thursday. Drive home safely.

Word verification: codupbef. That's gangsta talk from the 'hood. "Cod up, Bef?" Don't ax me what it means. Do I LOOK ghetto, yo?

Amazon Woman said...

Miss D pulled out all her front teeth/loosened them thru her near psychotic love for rawhides and super pooper strength. The ones that were loose, fell out.

She is our very own slack jawed yokel puppy!

Keep smilin!

Ma Horton said...

Awwwww poor Fleabag .. I guess I have that to look forward to with poor lil Wizzy ..in the meantime I would love to pull a few choppers outta Bobbycake's maw.