Monday, March 02, 2009

SPCA puppy mill dogs up for adoption!

Sometimes I forget, I've got 3 blogs to update. And the other 2 I've already updated with this info - so I suppose I should be crossposting here! Stupid moi. For more pics, check out my Facebook page or Mr. Kitty, who's done a fine job at encapsulating our day.

As you have by now learned, a puppy mill operator outside of Montreal has surrendered about 60 dogs to the SPCA. I had the pleasure of lending a hand once again, for a few hours this past Saturday, bathing, cleaning cages and helping socialize these loving animals.

Because the dogs were voluntarily surrendered, this means the dogs can go to permanent homes, not fosters. Awesome!

Being with these dogs really gives you a first-hand glimpse of how sadly lacking Quebec laws are in terms of what is legally acceptable (i.e what the law considers acceptable care). These dogs were not 'wilfully neglected' because they had: shelter, food and water. And because of some archaic loopholes in the criminal code - the SPCA was not able to take legal action.

I'll tell you what else they had: coats so matted it prevented mobility, intense fear of humans, fear of places other than cages (i.e. 'freezing' on the floor and flattening out because they don't know what it is), eye, skin and ear infections, rotting teeth, fleas, lice, ear mites, never-ending pregnancies, broken limbs and blindness.

But there is no willful neglect right?

Makes sense huh? Had this operator not surrendered her dogs voluntarily, she could NOT have been charged under the Criminal Code and the dogs could not have been ''seized' because technically she was acting in accordance with the law and there was no 'wilful neglect'. Now imagine how many more people like her are out there - hiding behind an archaic loophole.

Yesterday, I watched as 2 volunteers shaved down a spaniel who's fur was so overgrown and matted, it took over an hour. Each individual foot was a painstaking project on its own. And when you could finally see his skin, it was crawling - I mean CRAWLING with lice...clearly visible to the naked eye.

I met a dog who's back leg broke years ago, and eventually fused together on its own, rendering it useless. The foot on that leg is also missing. I hate to think how much it suffered, unnoticed and uncared for. That leg will be eventually amputated. And still, when you pick her up to cuddle her - her tail wags like it's the happiest day of her life.

Then there is Mr. Magoo - a tiny chihuahua who was used as a 'stud' dog for breeding. He suffers neurologically because of an improperly fused skull. He also has no eyes. Totally blind and this so-called breeder was passing down his poor genetic details to new generations of puppies. And STILL - this little guy wants nothing
more than to be cuddled. He is perfectly pleased to be in your arms, his little tail swaying.

It never ceases to amaze me how loving these dogs are. Yes - there are those who are more sensitive and cower at the back of their cages. Can you blame them? But with time and patience, they always come around. But others are thrilled to be handled and given human interaction...even after all they have been through.

There are a lot of small dogs, but there also a few larger breeds. Some gorgeous husky puppies, a whippet, a real gentlemanly German Shepherd (I helped give him a bath, and he sat in the tub, tongue lolling out and smiling...relishing the attention. I hope he gets adopted fast, because he is super sweet like you wouldn't believe).

If you're interested in adopting one of these amazing guys, the info is below.
If you can't adopt - but still want to help, they are accepting donations of old boomboxes and radios. Music has a calming effect on the dogs, believe it or not. And anything that helps them bear the stressful situation of a shelter is a great thing.

To Adopt, you must fill out an application form at the SPCA Emergency Shelter
7314 Mountain Sights
Monday To Friday
12p - 8p

Just show up between these hours - it might be easier than calling. But just in case:
514 739 4444


Ma Horton said...

Ontario passed a new law this month. Stricter penalties for animal abuse.
Get with it Quebec.

Misster Kitty said...

Qu├ębec sucks!

Mr Magoo was on the late news lat night! He was AWESOME! He is my hero!

Angry Gnome said...

I think I saw you on my bus this afternoon but then I was all like, isn't she supposed to be on air? Could it be possible at 1pm-ish from NDG to downtown? I wanted to ask but I am pretty shy.

N@ Lauzon said...

That was me, darlin'!
The ol' 138? I was on it bc I'm doing afternoons this week..and next! You should have said hi!

Lyndy said...

Yeah, I got on at Hampton and stood in front you near the back. I feel stoopid now and should have said "Howdy". Maybe next time.