Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gap-toothed Wonder

Sigh. Poor little Arty * is gettin' his teef removed today. I feel like SUCH a heel. His entire front and bottom grill are rotting and I think those bad boys are getting extracted. He will still have a few left, I'm pretty sure. One of the girls @ the Animal Health Clinic told me her dog has 3 teeth left (she's 9). And her breath has never been better. There's the up-side I guess. Though, I doubt Reggie would care even if he understood that logic. All he knows is his mouth hurts NOW and his mouth will hurt a few hours from NOW, too.

Corn dropped him off (though, he threatened to kidnap him and not bring him in because he felt bad). I'm gonna pick him up after work. Ugh. I feel worse about this than when we got his nuts removed. Because that's standard procedure. This isn't reeeeeeally.

We may need to change his name again. Gums Malloy?

* "Arty" derived from "R.T." derived from "R. T. Farns" derived from "R.T. Farnsworth" derived from "Reginald T. Farnsworth" derived from Reggie, Reginald, Chachi, etc.


Maria said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww poor little fella - his entire cyber blog family feels bad for him and wishes him well.

Do other teeth ever grow back in?

N@ Lauzon said...

Naw. Puppies have baby teeth that fall out to make room for big ones. Small dogs often have problems bc their mouths are too small to accomodate all them teefs. As was the case w/ him - so he had 7 removed.

Now, these are his adult teeth. So, unless they invent doggie dentures - they're gone fer good.


Ma Horton said...

I feel bad ...he wont be able to show his teeth at me anymore !

Misster Kitty said...

Still.. he could make some other little boy or gurl doggie really REALLY happy! {wink wink}

Ok that was terribly naughty of me.

I really feel for the little yapper and well, his yapper.

Do they make Doggie Dentures?

Will he still have his molars? If not what will you be doing for food?

Hugs and happy thoughts all going Farnies way... and a couple for Momma and dadda too.

JB said...

Don't feel bad, Corn'n'Nat...
I'm sure you know on some level that you're doing the best and loving thing for Arty.
My favourite part of your post though, was this...
"One of the girls @ the Animal Health Clinic told me her dog has 3 teeth left (she's 9). And her breath has never been better."
...So the girl at the Clinic was the one with halitosis?

Anyhoo -
I used to brush my dog Max's teeth (Max was a Lab crossed with a bloodhound - beautiful creature) on a fairly regular basis with doggie toothpaste, but I hated the fact that he ate so much of it! I just had a feeling it couldn't be good for his stomach (although he obviously loved the taste of the stuff), but he used to eat and chew on some really questionable things (he used to chew on ROCKS, honest to God), so I felt I had to do something to help preserve his choppers. Then I lost him in the divorce (first marriage, long time ago). :-(
Still miss him. Hope he never broke any of his teeth on rocks.

Again, sorry the little buddy has to go through this. Lots of cuddles for Arty tonight!

Wow. My word verification is "c-r-n-g-i-n" Cringin'? How apropos!

John said...

Poor Chachi. :( I hope he's ok.

Cole needs dental work done too, but he has a heart arhythmia(sp?) he can't have any surgery. So I'm just being more diligent about brushing his teeth. (peanut flavoured toothpaste specifically for dogs)

Misster Kitty said...

DAMN! even I'd go for the peanut butter flavoured toothpaste!

N@ Lauzon said...

Reggie loves the toothpaste! And the thing is, I give them bones, I have brushed their chompers (maybe not as frequently as I need to?)...and they were on a diet of hard food, til I noticed that Reggie was having trouble with his so I started soaking it. Flea's teeth are pretty decent and solid. But his - I dunno.

The vet tech just called and goes, "I want you to know, Chachi's under right now and I just wanted to let you know we have to take out A LOT of teeth."

Me: Is he gonna be all hillbilly?

Her: Yeah. I just wanted to warn you because it might be shocking and I wanted to prepare you.


I will be getting his drugged-up ass at around 6 tonight.

Misster Kitty said...

Awwwww poor Farnsie...

I can see him now in a little mini HEE HAW doggie t-shirt.

Extra hugs all round!

N@ Lauzon said...

Here's the damage: all the top and bottom teeth btwn the canines: GONE.
And 5 other ones. Add to that, the fact that he had 7 teeth removed when he was a puppy (because they were growing in wrong) - and he's a big time HEE HAW DOG!! Definitely had more removed than there are remaining.

She also said he was a tough cookie. Waking up the second the surgery was done. Usually dogs are groggy and sleep for 20 minutes. But he was right on his feet goin', LISTEN YOU PRICKS, I'M REGINALD T FARNSWORTH AND I'M HIGH AS A KITE AND TOOTHLESS, BUT I CAN STILL KICK YOUR SORRY ASSES!

That is sooooo Farnsy.

JB said...

So...if one tooth under your pillow is anywhere from a quarter to a dollar (all depending on the relative wealth of the resident tooth fairy), Reginald "The 'T' is for tooth" Farnsworth should be rich! Lots of money to buy an old Chev, and put it up on blocks in front of the dog bed!

Misster Kitty said...

Glad to hear Farnsie is doing ok...