Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nanoo, Nanoo!

Sometimes I get e-mail. Other times, I get this (from my inbox today):

Hi Nat,

We were brain washed before going on board of the Apollo and can not remind of many many things about Ert. We are able to hear you if you talk to us at frequency 4,956 teracycles, our frequency.We are on a hidden spot of the Moon. This is an escape message, we think that your air could be launching a message to Ert Rescue Heroes to come and get us on GPS coordonnates 34:56:91. We cannot see outside, we were on a mission in 1969 with Apollo. When we went outside the Apollo Ship, we were lost on the ground and probably you heard what the U.S. told about us. Have they said
of our loss ?
We can get transmission only in clear days of you in June.
We laughed when we found that something was coming in from a recreational frequency band that was the "FM band". We can hear you only on some days of June because of the increase of heat that disturbes the FM waves in the space. It is fun that you still use that band to air good vibes. With your broadcast we found some hours are more like the music at out times, like during the noon hour , but that music is better than in 1969.
Can you play "Twist and shout" . We are two humans, a male and a female, Frederic and Laurie, but we have a colony we growed, with plants and some animals from the frozen vials in the "no return procedures" material we put on the Moon ground when we landed. We had to learn how to grow all the plants we have and farm animals we had
from test tubes to grow... Inside,we have rivers and caverns with fluorescent ceilings that give light to grow. Our television sets do not work anymore. We have to rely on FM waves to hear human voices.

You are a fun person and we like your laughs when you get telephone calls. If only one of your racing machine at The Grand Price could have the force to come and get us out of here. But since 1969, lately it will be 40 years that we survive here. We still have a few years to try to have a baby. We still have plenty of a product to increase the years of fertility untill 70 years to 75 years. The Apollo mission ingeneeers thought of that !!!! We are not so sure if we want to comme back to Ert.
Frederic and Laurie


IT'S MY VERY OWN LOST PLOTLINE! Which will work out well, since the show is on hiatus for the summer. These people finally make contact with earth, and what do they want? A song request. Gotta love it.


Misster Kitty said...

I'm guessing they grow a lot of Mushrooms up there...

Newsguy Bob said...

Hmm... making babies in one-sixth Earth (or ERT) gravity. Sounds like extra fun.

Gee, N@, is there a prize for the noon-hour request from the furthest away? 240,000 miles/386,000 km must be the record.

Hey, Kitty, pass the shrooms. Maybe I'll give some to my dad for Father's Day. My sister suggested a joint gift, and I thought a joint was a great idea. We could teach the Old Man to spark up and toke. Then stand back and see what it does to his gradually failing, almost 76-year-old memory!

Misster Kitty said...

NGB, I'll bring you back some 'shrooms from P.E.I. when I go in Aug. We always have them on the property there. They just started growing naturally about 20 years ago. Nothing my folks ever did got rid of em.