Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Well done Air Canada.

Nice. Even though, another carrier will probably accept the cargo. But..baby steps.

Minimal posting this week since I am busy with a special visitor.

a) Santa Claus
b) Cotton Pony
c) Maman d'Orton


Misster Kitty said...

HI MA ! ! !

Newsguy Bob said...

Why isn't there a d) all of the above?

Now unchain your Ma from the railing on your terrasse and let her post on her own blog. Santa Claus and the Cotton Pony, I don't want to hear from, thank you, but for the love of Pete, let Ma post!

Maria said...

Ma is in the hood and she ain't coming over for lamb?? Phewy! As for Air Canada, yup I read it in the paper today. Good on them! Especially since we have a *special* connection with Air Canada.

As for your tomato plant - you go girl!! Now keep the seeds from one tomato (preferably the best one) and plant them next year.