Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sweet Charlotte

I met this girl today.

She is a puppy mill rescue from Rosie's Animal Adoption. She is the sweetest, gentlest soul you ever did see. She is 9 years old and she is a work in progress (aren't we all?). I've got a real soft spot for her because she is just like Flea was when I got her. She is empty-eyed and so terrified of everything that she just does not react to anything. You can pick her up and cuddle her and hold her and she just sits there. Not happy. Not trembling. Not anything. She's been so beaten down by life, that she has no more in her. Just one of MANY thousands of animals kept in squalor to push out puppies.

But the thing is, she CAN be brought back from her sadness. Her foster says she livens up every day at supper time. She sees glimmers of joy now and then. Shy rescue dogs are A LOT OF work. Take it from me firsthand. But the results are rewarding. Because little by little, with time and patience and gentleness, you see the dog they were MEANT to be, emerge (I say this as Flea right now chases Chachi around the condo, having a hoot!)

I wanted her immediately. And if I had the space and a yard, I would have taken her. But it wouldn't be fair. Me with 2 already. I wish I at least LIVED near her, so I could work with her, because thanks to Flea, I know how. But if you are looking for a dog...a quiet, non-disruptive, non-hyper doll of a dog and are willing to work with her - I will arm you will all the info I have. She deserves it.

From the Rosie Animal Adoption site:

Breed: Schnauzer
Sex: Female
Age: 9
Good with dogs: yes - needs a calm and easy going dog.
Good with cats: unknown
Good with kids: Adult home

Hi, I'm Charlotte, one of the puppy mill dogs. Things sure are great for me now! I've come a very long way since the day Rosie came to my rescue. I am getting used to being in a family and although I'm still very timid around people I enjoy being in the center of all the activity in the house. I am happiest in my crate but I love to play with a ball, so I will come out from time to time to fetch one. I am not keen about sharing my toys with other dogs but I will have to learn. My foster mom is trying to show me that no one will ever hurt me again, and she often brings me into the den the evening while the rest of the family is watching TV. I'm getting more comfortable around people and will even fall asleep on the couch. Meal time is the best for me!!! I just love the canned food I have to eat and it's great not being in pain every time I try to chew something.(I'm the one who had to have all her teeth removed because they were rotten and falling out.) . I am always clean in my crate and will do my business outside when my foster mom sends me out. I am afraid
when anyone puts a leash on me and will just stand still. For this reason, I am looking for a home with a fenced-in backyard. I would love to stay where I am, but I know it is time for me to find my forever home. My foster mom keeps calling me Sweetie and says she would keep me if there weren't already 3 other dogs in the house. I need a family that will be patient with me and realize it will take a long time until I can forget all the terrible things that have happened to me in my life. I will be forever grateful to anyone who is willing to give me a chance to enjoy a safe and comfortable life. I really don't require much care. If you think you can open up your heart and your home to me, please call to meet me.


Daphne said...


My heart breaks for these animals. It's so hard for them. I wish I had my own house (currently renting). I have the room, but my landlord would have a heart attack.
I hope she finds a home soon. There aren't enough laws protecting these poor animals.
P.S. You can check out my furries on Facebook.

Newsguy Bob said...

I could SO adopt her, in different circumstances and a different location.

A sad off-shoot of this is that kids are sometimes the same as Charlotte. A little guy I mentored in the Big Brothers In-School Mentor program in Ajax has ADHD and what's called Attachment Disorder. When he was a baby, his mom did not cuddle or bond with him. I met him when he was eight, and he just lapped up any affection or attention, especially from men, but took a while to warm up to attention from females in his life -- including his foster mom and his teachers.
Coincidentally, he left for a new foster home in another town, about a week before I was offered my job in Ottawa. He had a plan all worked out: I would move to the new town, too, and we would continue our mentoring relationship. Talk about a heartbreaker. However, he was fine with the concept that although we might never see each other again, you never know; that a friend is for life, you never forget each other, and the best thing you get from a friendship is happy memories.
I'll tell you, there were a lot of hugs that last hour we spent together.
CAS wouldn't let us stay in touch, but I think of my little buddy every day, and hope he's doing well at his new foster home that was intended to be longer term, on a farm with horses and an awesome toboggan hill.