Monday, May 07, 2007

From these parts.

Y'know what bugs me?

When I'm outside in the wind.

And I can't remember which side I parted my hair on.

And therefore, I do not know how to re-tame it.

Oh, to be a middle-aged bald man.

P.S. I met Misster Kitty in real life and he is a doll.

P.P.S. This is not to infer that Misster Kitty is a middle-aged bald man.


Misster Kitty said...

P.P.P.S At least Misster Kitty is not a middle-aged bald man yet...
and god willing never will! (well the bald part any way.)

N@, it was a hoot 'n a half meeting you on Friday!

DarkOpera said...

While I have yet to hit middle-age, as a bald man I do have to say that there are advantages to losing your hair.

As N@ has come to realize.

With age comes wisdom... and liver-spots.