Saturday, May 05, 2007

Special Ed.

Her name is Ed. Which makes her all the more loveable. She's a sweet little min pin and Reginald promptly informed her who was boss upon her arrival. Ed is used to sleeping in the bed - and she's much more solid that the rats, so I wasn't afraid of rolling on her. So, she curled up beside my head last night. I felt guilty though, when Flea (who LIVES for being in the bed under the covers) saw me bring Ed on the bed. She stared at me, wide-eyed from the crate she shares with Reggie (who doesn't give a poop sandwich about sleeping in the bed). GAHHHH! Nothing makes ya feel guiltier than a puppy dog look from an actual puppy dog.

Anyway. Ed, in pictures...

This one says it all:

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Newsguy Bob said...

I totally LURVE that first pic. "I'm Chachi and this is Flea. Nice to meet ya."