Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hump Day.

Aw, what a kick in the nuts this news is. I loved this guy.

I've been really NOT good about posting lately. It's one part busy, one part no creative juice, one part addicted to facebook. But, I feel the writey feelings sneaking back in. So, that's good. It's weird. When the creative well runs dry, I feel a mini-panic that it will never come back. But then it does--slowly, surely. It refreshes itself again. Phew.

So, this weekend, we will have a 3rd canine visitor. This is her:

She's a min pin. So, not much bigger than my ratdawgs. Do you like how it looks like she's wearing a tan-coloured bra? Heee. Her owner is bringing her over later today, so we can see if they'll play nice. So, on the weekend we'll have 3 bug-eyed rats running around the place. Well, 4 depending on how much sleep I get.

I'll make sure to take photos. It will be a whole lotta freak dog goin' on over here.


Misster Kitty said...

SAD! I loved Tom Poston.

I have very fond memories of my father and I watching 'Newhart'. It was his character: George Utley, as the dopey handiman that always made us laugh most.

Mrs. Kaptain said...

It looks like puppy is smiling in addition to the tan bra in that pic.. kinda creepy!

JB said...

~sigh~ Tom Poston.

Right now, God might be saying to him, "Make that face you used to make when you had no idea what Newhart meant by what he had just said. Now make that face you used to make when you had no idea what YOU had just said."

Tom Poston was subtly and effortlessly brilliant, blessed and oozing with natural comedic timing and talent, and the kind of guy you might wish you had for an uncle, because he'd be so much fun to hang out with.

Daphne said...

N@, thanks for adding me to your list. Umm, I need a Corn fix, when are you making more videos? Hunh? HUNH?



Maria said...

I on the other hand do not need a CORN fix... especially when he did the "smelling the armpits" bit!!

The dog does seem to be wearing a lovely shade of beige!!

John said...

Oh how I love rat-dawgs! You didn't post her name though? Protecting her iden-titty?

Mrs Kaptain was right... it does look like she's smiling a little human smile. Kinda.. "Santa's Little Helper" from the Simpsons. Hah


Maux said...

Not only is it wearing a tan-coloured bra, but also..... The Mask of Zorro!

Weird little pup. But kinda cute.