Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Paint Job

Internet, I give you...Desert Floor! It's a little hard to see, though. I tried to get some ceiling in there so you could see the diff btwn that and white. Let me tell you, it's a world of difference from the previous "Asparagus Pee" shade (pee was on the left side, puke-green on the right). I love the colour yellow. I even had a yellow living room that I adored - but THIS particular yellow...nothing but bodily function all 'round. Speaking of bodily function, you will also note a ratdawg in this photo, pondering over whether to lick his feet or his weiner. Maybe both.

Anyway, next - we will need a table. That couch right now is floating in limbo in an identity-less room area. We have our living room upstairs with the TV. That couch is just filler right now, so it looks like we have stuff. HEH. So, we will have to get a table and move that sucker upstairs. Which should be fun seeing as how the movers nearly gave up trying to get the last one up there. You'd think they'd have a sense of humour about me lying on it while they did it.

As far as tables go, Corn suggested one with a leaf insert in it for when our respective parole occifers come over. Good idea, I think. Because it's never good to seat the long arm of the law on overturned milk crates. Even though with their long arms, they'd be able to reach the salt by themselves. Wacka. Wacka.

And - is it just me - but those of you who either HAVE Ikea tables or have been there lately - do they not seem TINY to you? They feel wee. Lower to the ground than they should be. Like they're intended to seat a family of Swedish meatballs and not actual bipeds. Oh, you crazy Ikea, you! Saw one at Sears that we liked - and it was on sale - but no insert. So, the search continues.

Meanwhile - we gots the snow. I saw a lady digging her car out with a cookie sheet this morning. Whatever works in a pinch, I guess.

Oh, and as a sidenote - Dreamgirls took home a whack of Golden Globes last night. So, what do I know? I still thought it was boring though. Though I DID like Eddie Murphy up until I threw the rest of my ten dollar popcorn down my face and walked out.


Amazon Woman said...

Nice colour. It goes well with the purty floors.

Keep smilin!

Newsguy Bob said...

Desert sand my ass! It's beige! Very light beige! Desert sand is chick version of beige, just like taupe and fuchsia being chick versions of whatever the hell colours they really are.

We gots snow here, too. And tonight on A-Channel News at Six (pardon the promo), our "Does It Really Do That?" guy, Kurt Stoodley test drives the whovel. That's on A-Channel News at Six on Bell Expressvu 209 and Star Choice 342.

JB said...

NGB, what frickin' channel is it on Rogers? I have Rogers, not Expressvu or StarChoice! I need Rogers Cable A-Channel Ottawa info so I can see my buddy Kurt drive the Wovel. (I'm pretty sure there's no 'h' in Wovel, NGB...unless it's a new version of the Wovel from Who-ville - nyuk)
Say hi to Kurt for me.
Tell him to visit me in Brantford. Tell him I can get him some ice time.

By the way, shouldn't the paint be 'Desert Wall' rather than 'Desert Floor'?
Just thinkin' out loud over here.

I like the pooch cushion. Looks just like a regular couch cushion.
Is it?

Newsguy Bob said...

Yeah, JB, it's Desert Wall. I was too busy ranting like a grumpy old fart to get it right. My point remains unchanged, however. And I will admit that it serves me right for pointing out to CQ that Punta Cana is not in Mexico.

Sorry about not being able to see the Wovel thing on Cable. However, keep an eye on the website achannel.ca/ottawa . All of Kurt's Do It Really Do Dat features get posted there eventually.

Maria said...

Your Desert "whatever" looks alot lighter than the desert "sand" I am pretty sure we have in our bedroom. Ours is more of a brown and yours is more of a beige like NGB says.

I am not big on IKEA except for those yummy cinnamon buns that they have.

Table shopping ? Hmmmmmm why not try Bombay (I love their stuff). They sometimes have some decent prices and their furniture would go great with those lovely floors.

Ma Horton said...

As long as I do not have to sleep on the table its all good .

Newsguy Bobbycakes said...

C'mon, Ma, it's not like it would be the first time you ever fell asleep at or on a table, would it?

JB said...

We need only harken back as far as New Year's Eve for the answer to THAT question, NGB...


Newsguy Bob said...

Once again, JB, as astute as you are, you read my mind.

Newsguy Bob said...

Hey, N@: Are you still looking for faux-wood and/or bamboo blinds? I was at Home Hardware today, and noticed some. I didn't look too closely, so they might be crap, but on the other hand, they might be worth checking out.

N@ Lauzon said...

no..off the bamboo. I realized curtains are better for lengthening the height of a room and I think that will look better...and cheaper! BUT THANK YOU!!