Monday, January 15, 2007


I was mistaken, the paint colour is called "Desert Floor". And it's fab! Corn is a waaay better painter than I am. I try, but my side of the wall ends up looking like I rolled a ratdawg in a paint tray and bounced it off the wall, repeatedly. My favourite part about painting is taking the tape off. Because then you see how well you really did. And we dungud! I will post pics later.

I should have take some 'before' shots. But you must envision this. There were 2 previous colours on the walls. One was "Undiluted Pee". The other was "Nausea Green". Both came standard with splotches of plaster. Now things feel much more peaceful. Ahhhhhh.

Poor little Flea had a seizure last night. First time since she's been on the meds...which has been 40-some days. I don't know how long it was going on for, because I saw her in the middle of it. It was not as intense as the other have been. And I guess that's a result of the medication. With the other ones, she'd always fall and lose control of her legs then her head would pull back toward her tail. It looked painful. This one - she was just rocking back and forth, gently. But her eyes were faraway again, so I knew what was happening. She peed on herself too. First time that's happened.

So - I left a message with the vet. Oddly enough, we took blood tests last week and he said the level of medication in her blood was below 'therapeutic' levels. But if she was doing well on it - to keep it at the same dosage. If it ain't broke.... So, maybe we need to increase. I don't know. I do take comfort in that it wasn't a crippling-looking seizure like the other times.

Anyway. Today Montreal is finally getting SNOW. Up to 15 centimeters today and it's turning colder. Hate to say it, but I missed this crap. I did! Now I'll get some use outta my big phat coat and my new winter boots. Bring it on!!!


Twiggy said...

And I'll get some use out of the neo-snowshoes i got for Christmas. yesssssssss.long live the white outdoors!

Amazon Woman said...

I let hubs do the painting. I have 2 left feet for hands. Can't wait to see!

Poor puppy love. Hope it is the last one for a forever!

Keep smilin!

Newsguy Bob said...

Merci tous les Montréalais for holding off on the snow until mon équipe de hockey was back in Ottawa.

It snowed a pantload here overnight, too. Kinda feels more like I.F. or Porcupine now, eh, N@?

Be glad your new place wasn't built in the 1970s (was it?), because you'd be painting over burnt orange and avocado green. The drugs we took back then made us do some real weird shite.

Maria said...

I hate winter! No idea why my parents moved to this country and why the heck I never moved out!

JB said...

Well, here in what the natives like to call 'Southern Ontario', we have had a freezing rain storm all day since very early this morning. Scary slippery, tons of accidents, power outages, inch-thick ice on your windshield, all that fun stuff.
It reminds me of my old hometown of Halifax, because being on a peninsula meant Halifax got freeing rain when everyone else in the province was getting snow...and I kinda prefer freezing rain, for two reasons -
1. The trees look friggin' amazing.
2. It's gone the next day, while snow from a big storm can be with you for weeks.

I'm sorry to hear about your doggie's latest episode, Nat. Thinkin' good thoughts for no more incidents and perfect levels of meds.

Congrats on the painting. I hung up a new pedestal light in the dining room. That was my 'new house contribution' for the weekend.

(plus, is it just me, or did anyone else notice a sudden mood change in Maria?)

rick said...

Not that i'm a fan of snow, but now i have a reason to use my fire place

Maria said...

lol Thanks for noticing JB. I am just not a big fan of winter.
OK now back to thinking happy thoughts.