Friday, January 26, 2007


Welcome to Katherina Benoit - Mix listener and new reader to this blog.
Glad to have ya, sister!

Happy weekend, all!


j51 said...

welcome Katherina.....hope to hear from you soon

Anonymous said...

Hey Nat. I saw the reply to my post from a few days ago when you played "Time after Time". Of course I was going to come back and read it. I read this blog all the time. And if I miss a day or two I go back and read everything I've missed. I'm the same Jen who used to write almost every day, but I guess I've been a bit busy! About your Wednesday afternoon post, I know how you felt in that waiting room and I'm so glad you're ok. Isn't it a great feeling to know we're healthy? It's something we really take for granted, but then, when we think there might be something wrong, and it turns out to be nothing, we realize how lucky we are and it's amazing.
Have a great week-end people!

Newsguy Bob said...

My name is Bob and I'm -- *sniff* -- a N@ blog reader.

Everyone, let's say hi to Katherina. "Hiiiiiii, Katherinaaaa..."

JB said...

one day at a time, Bob...
one day at a time.

Hi, Katherina.
Hey, do you like babies?
Click on "Just Noodlin'" under Blogs Ahoy on the right hand side of Nat's page. Them babies are mine! (and you'll discover that I talk about them incessantly)

Welcome to the Natland community.

Maria said...

Ditto on my part... WELCOME!
And if you like babies...
I have to say that I have seen JB's babies up close and they are just as adorable in real life as in the pictures he posts!

Anonymous said...

First off this is my first comment from my iPaq so it,s a short one.

Second, welcome Katherina, incase no one told you there's a 300 word essa due in 2 weeks on all of n@'s blogs

N@ Lauzon said...

What's an iPaq?

Can it make me a sangweech?

Rick said...

Hey N@

It Was Moi who posted,

iPaq is a handheld computer not much bigger than a Cell phone, and does everything but the dishes, well my model at least. i was bowsing the web and figured what the hey, let me see if N@'s site is mobile friendly. Then i posted..but since it didn't allow me to sign in, it posted as anonymous.

for any who care the link is

Katherina said...

WOW, what a welcome pour moi :) Dont be sad news guy bob. I will have that 300 word essay ready by Monday morning and JB, Morgan and Liam are precious you ARE very lucky and congradulations ! Thanks for the intro Nat. Good week everyone.