Monday, January 29, 2007

Stuph n' Things

Another new reader welcome to Marisa! Her sassy blog is linked over yonder. Glad to have ya! I dig your blog, too. It will be a regular read for me.

Today, I am wearing cords. If I walk fast, I may start a small fire. But these are the chances I take.

my pants go whoosh
when i moove my caboose
it feels free and loose
like fresh-squeezed juice

See that? That was me breaking it down, white girl style.

Didn't go to the gym this weekend. So, I have to force myself to go today and I gotta tell ya, I'm just not feelin' it, especially because it means I need to transfer on the metro and then walk the 15 minutes home. BOO. Thing is, I'm gonna do cardio at the gym - but doing cardio out of necessity isn't a plus for me.

So. We bought a table. We bought a table from..(wait for it)...IKEA!
Hah. First, we went to Structube to look at some stuff we saw online, but in real life it really wasn't that great. So, we went to Ikea. Ikea on a Saturday is tres relaxing. Sometimes I bring along a chamomile tea and sit on the display couches and meditate. NOT BLOODY LIKELY! Ikea on a Saturday is like swimming upstream with anvils for waterwings. And when you're not dodging screamy, boogery kids - you're negotiating paths around stationary mouthbreathers with their armfuls of wicker baskets and bathmats.

Anyway. We found the same style of table we wanted for a poopload less money. Why less dough? Because of course, you have to put together the stuff yourself. The table is on backorder. So we brought home 6 chairs. It took me an hour to put ONE of them together. I am going to invest in a catheter and a feeding tube and tackle the rest of them. Hopefully, I have chairs before I have cake decorators.

That was a saggy boob joke. PEOPLE, SERIOUSLY! (snapping fingers at yo' face) Get with it.


Marisa said...

No matter the day of the week, no matter the hour, there are scores of shoppers at IKEA. Doesn't anyone in this darn town work???

Thanks for the warm welcome. :-)

Saggy Boobs said...

Cake decorator is not a bad thing. the world would be a much less pretty place without rosettes on cupcakes.

Amazon Woman said...

Good stuff but remind not to eat any cake that you have baked...

Keep smilin!

Maria said...

Oh yeah I remember cord's. Many moons ago. One good thing about them is that they are so darn warmmmmm. 1 bad thing besides the fire hazard is how much lint they attract.

Have a great week.

JB said...

I had big plans to put up a WHOLE WHACK (that's a lot; maybe five, even) of new 'window coverings' in the new abode over the weekend.
Got ONE up.
It took an hour and a half, due to complications. (Those complications mostly being that I'm not exactly Mike frickin' Holmes) I quit/gave up, had Sprite and popcorn, and watched most of The Illusionist, then got sleepy.
...and now it's Monday. Congratulations on the chair assembly, and may you never have cake decorators that you didn't actually hire for the job.

tball said...

Hi Nat!!! I love shopping at IKEA, its my favorite store, I am becoming an expert at assembling their furniture LOL!!! I also love reasing your blog and listening to you every morning, you guys make my day in the morning and actually help me get out of bed @ 5:30 in the morning - I start listening to you guys and stop hitting the snooze button LOL! You inspired me to start a blog - if you want to check it out its

Katherina said...

I hated wearing cords as a kid growing up because I was always the fat girl who put them on and turned them into flat lined pants ! Not a comfortable material when your knees touch :( but its all good, I can pull them off now. remeber the extra cardio is free cardio.

N@ Lauzon said...

Well, well, well - looky here, we've got another!
Tball - great to e-meet ya! I've linked your ass too.

And if anyone else wants to come out of the blogosphere woodwork...bring it! It's always cool to find out who's out there!

NGB said...

Yo, N@!

What's a BLOGROLL? Is it some kind of newfangled pastry thingy you can get at Ma and Pa Horton's coffee place, to eat with your double-double?

Wondering in Ottawa (
as opposed to Wandering in Ottawa, which is a whole other kettle of fish)