Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Wednesday Afternoon.

Guess I lied. Look! I do have something.


It's pretty small. Maybe just shy of a centimetre at best. But it's hard. And smooth. And it doesn't feel like the rest of the stuff in there. Every month I check to see if it's changed. Nope. Not growing. Not going away. Just sitting there, being.

Likely, it's nothing to worry about. And my doctor says the same thing. But she refers me for an ultrasound, just in case.

And I wait a month and a half for my appointment.

And today, I wait 2 hours in the hospital.

I am ushered into a room.

I see it on the monitor - a very distinct oval-ish mass.

And in less than 10 minutes, I know..

I am fine.

The girl says, it's clearly filled with fluid. Flexible walls. Normal.


Good word.

There are a lot of things I could say right now. That I THOUGHT about telling you while I was sitting there. With all those women, in our dorky hospital gowns. But, now I don't really wanna. I just wanna appreciate the good.

Hey - I'm "normal".

Well, relatively, of course.


Sherri said...

Good to hear, Nat --- there's one "normal" Lauzon -- that's a pretty amazing discovery for the scientific world. Seriously, though, good to hear you're fine.

amazonwoman said...

Awesome news! Ya had me freaked out at first. But today, normal is good.

Keep smilin!

Maria said...

I thought you were gonna tell us that you were having an "oval" shaped baby! There ain't nothing NORMAL about that, well unless there dad is a conehead but we won't even get into that. lol

By the way is it a cyst? I had several of those removed several years ago.

j51 said...

nat@ when you hurt we hurt, thrilled you're OK.

Ma Horton said...

Your mummy should have been there with you.

N@ Lauzon said...

Hey Maria..yup, cyst.

Cease and desist, cyst!

Marisa said...

Cysts are good, cysts are our friends.

Avid listener, first time visitor to the blog.

Glad to read that you are "normal".

Marisa said...

Cysts are good, cysts are our friends.

Avid listener, first time visitor to the blog.

Glad to read that you are "normal".

N@ Lauzon said...

Marisa! Thanks for the visit! Glad to have ya! I checked out your blog, too. Would it be okay if I linked you?

Also - you are NOT going to believe this, but as per your "Caribbean Workout" post? I in fact, know the woman on the far left..she is a friend of ours. And our place actually looks onto their backyard.
HEH. Small world eh!?

Marisa said...

Link away! I am adding yours to my Blogroll, too.

Shelley MacDonald is her name, I think? Cool!

Do all the Montreal celebrities live in the same neighbourhood? LOL

BTW, sorry for the double-post the other night. Blogger was acting all wonky. :-(