Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Brain No Worky...

And I don't have much time to post anything of substance. So, hopefully this steaming pile of delight can tide you over for the next little while.

I'm goin' AWOL for a couple days, I think. Nothing is up - I'm just not in a bloggy mood and need to concentrate on some other things. Honey, I have a headache.

hehehe. Be well!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nat! I just wanted to say THANK YOU! We must have had ESP or something. I was going to e-mail this morning to ask that you play Cindy Lauper's Time after Time, because I'm feeling like crap today... I just found out yesterday that my company's closing down my office and I'll be out of a job pretty soon. I've been working here for almost 6 years, so it just sucks. And for some reason, that song has always been one of my favourites and it's puts me in a good mood. So I was going to e-mail and request it, but I didn't have time... and it played ANYWAY! I was just looking at my radio going "What the...". Anyway, thanks for that. Without even knowing, you made my day just that much brighter!


N@ Lauzon said...

Jen! I don't know if you will come back to read this, but...


Love it when stuff like that happens. :)
And thanks for checking out my blog. Please come back soon!