Monday, December 25, 2006


How on earth IS it that my mother can post like 4 times since I've been home and I haven't blogged ONCE? We are in the same house and for some reason, she is able to compose full sentences while I have been operating at semi-lucidity for most of the time. I have been SO TIRED since getting here! Not sure what it is - perhaps my pasty Montreal arse isn't used to the Northern climes? Or maybe I'm finally getting the rest I've needed the last month or so. I am envisioning it like - being in the driver's seat of a car, with a pile of nerf balls in the backseat. You suddenly slam on the brakes and get pelted in the back of the head with soft little sponge pellets. Those pellets are the sleep I've been ignoring and now I'm getting force-beaned with it. Good thing I haven't been ignoring 50lb anvils.

Either way, me likey.

Good to be holmes. The new pups are the best - 5 months old and supernice and quiet and chill. Easy, easy dogs. AND something I'm not sure Ma Horton has divulged - because y'know, it sort of takes that whole Rin Tin Tin image and feeds it thru a paper shredder.... but like the ratdawgs, these dogs enjoy the ocassional poop sandwich too. Oh yes, it's a widespread sickness friends and it ain't breed specific. Ma insists her pup is done with the snacking and True apparently only eats poop if it's frozen in the yard (there's just something about a crispy shell and a chewy nougat centre) - but BELIEVE YOU ME - poo is being consumed. And THAT makes me laugh. And also miss my own poo-eaters in a sick, demented way.

Anyhoo - Christmas was good. Not sure what your tradition is, but every year since I was a zygote, we've opened gifts one by one (which is hard for a zygote considering the whole no opposable thumbs thing). And only after we've showered and made ourselves presentable for the paparazzi (i.e. Mom with camcorder. Mom with polaroid. Mom with disposable camera. Mom with flashbulb camera. Mom with digital camera. Mom with easel and charcoals). So, today we got to unwrapping around 1pm. I'm sure by that time most people are already dividing their stuff into Keep/Return/Regift piles - but not us. We go for the marathons. Sometimes I fall on the floor and pretend I've sprained an ankle. Other times I pretend I am a marathon bystander and throw water at my dad's face. Oh, the kids just think that's tops.

So - just wanted to check in and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Everythings. The rims of my eyes are feeling the burn of sleepiness as usual. Maybe it was the turkey dinner. Isn't there a chemical in turkey that encourages sleepiness? I think there really is. And I think it's called crack.

So, now I will get bedified and settle in with a stack of Oprahs. The magazine, not the.....oh, forget it.


JB said...

and the chemical in turkey is called, it's tettrazini...
that's not right, either, it's tryp zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Maria said...

Just read some of your mom's blog... never knew you are also refered to as Nattypants! That is cute and funny at the same time.

Turkey does contain tryptophan, which does have a documented sleep-inducing effect. I can be smart "some" days.

Enjoy your time at home with the folks.

rick said...

For the record I are 2 turkey legs and i'm not the least bit sle..ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Maria said...

Hey just wanted to wish Nattypants and all Nattypanters a Happy New Year!

May it be full of health, love, peace, happiness, tranquility and all the good stuff!

See you all next year!