Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Just finished writing the show! Signed, sealed, delivered. And while it runs across Canuckistan thru the holidays - I'll be knee-deep in Holiday hooch! (not to be confused with holiday hoochies!)

My 2 editors were with me as I finished, and I took a shot for posterity. Flea is even bowing her approval (Chachi is all, 'Do I hear someone laying a fresh poop sandwich'?)

Now, I'm goin for eats with my friend Kim. Nothing poop-related.



Newsguy Bob said...

Whoyakiddin'? Of course, there's poop involved, but it comes a while after the eats.

Sheesh. Young people these days: ya gotta teach 'em everything!

Maria said...

Have fun with the family Nat. Enjoy your vacances!

Angry Gnome said...

Happy Holidays! Enjoy your time off from work and going home.