Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New blog

It's not SUPER new, but new to my links page. Check out my pal Maureen Holloway's blog, would ya?

It's raining today. And not just outside. The drop ceiling down the hall here, gave way and we are currently experiencing a mini-rainshower indoors. I don't mean dripping. I mean honestly raining. Like a massive showerhead with weak pressure. Our station is situated inside a highrise apartment building and a toilet in the apartment above us, broke. And actually, this is not the first time it's happened in the last few months. The other two times - because of broken toilets, we had dripping in one of our production studios . But the drip was RAW SEWAGE.

YEAH. I know! I now refer to that room as "Studio Poo". And I never use it.

This job is bigger than the Toilet Whisperer. This job is Mike Holmes times five.


Maria said...

and I thought I had issues in my life - lol. Guess thats the only thing missing in my life for someone to be pooing on my head... oh wait...

Happy Hump Day everybody!

Newsguy Bob said...

Yeah: Happy Dump Day.

(I love toilet humour>)

Milky said...

The PD's office at the Newcap radio stations in Edmonton has a shooting gallery on the other side of the wall.

I thought it'd be a little uncomfortable being in his office for a "meeting" with gun shots being fired at the wall... I guess spending time in Bob Harris' office would be even "crappier."


JB said...

What's even MORE uncomfortable in the Newcap Edmonton PD's office is when he asks you to stand over by the wall during an aircheck of your show, and then pulls down on the Charlton Heston bust statue on his desk, and the wall revolves.

Anonymous said...

And I thought I was having a shitty week....

Twiggy said...

shotting gallery on the other side? is that even legal?!

Milky said...

It is in Edmonton Twiggy.

Right there in the West Edmonton Mall.

You can waltz in and fire an uzi if ya want to. I declined the chance to fire any weapons. The only trigger I need is on my camera.