Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Britney and Kevin are OOOOOOOOVVVEERRRRRR.

As Borat would say, "a-niiice!"


Anonymous said...

OK, how many of us did NOT see that coming....duh

Newsguy Bob said...

Say it isn't so! How can the world go on?

Maria said...

Ummmmmmm did anybody really think that Brit & K-Fed would make it?
Now he can continue to live off of her. Probably the smartest thing she has done thus far.

Rick said...

Britney and Kevin Over?

I'm in shock...i've gotta lie down.

Zoey Castelino said...

I guess K-Bum will have to take that job with the WWE after all, since he won't have any more of Britney's money to spend.

JB said...

First prize on my show today -
The new Kevin Federline CD.
Second prize on my show today - FIVE COPIES of the new Kevin Federline CD.
Third prize, ten. Etc.
Why anything associated with Britney Spears still makes news is beyond me. She proved she was poor, white trash that done got rich in that train wreck of a Matt Lauer interview, yet people are still fascinated. Sheesh.

Newsguy Bob said...

Why Britney Spears makes news is beyond me. So is why Paris Hilton makes news every time she passes gas. If she wasn't a rich heiress, she'd just be another trailer park ho.

As a working member of the media, I feel like a ho myself, every time one of those losers is mentioned. What have we come to?

Twiggy said...

I liked the headline they used in the subway newspapers... K-Fed..Ex!
ship it outta town!