Thursday, November 09, 2006

Just niblets

Like Fed-ex (as he is being referred to on the dubya) - I got nuthin'.

Shout out to the Kaptains! They just moved into their new house in NDG (everyone is embracing the 'hood) and are so very generously giving me and Corn the stackable washer/dryer that came with the house. Isn't that fab? We started off needing all 5 appliances and now, only need to buy one of them new. (The sellers sold us their 6 yr old stove/and new dishwasher. J51, thank you for the e-mail re: Sears - much appreciated!) Anyway, I am thrilled at the idea of having my own washer/dryer. That's livin! And also avoiding that uncomfortable moment with shared apartment laundry when you need to remove someone else's gitch from the machine. GAH!

The people who are taking our apartment will sign the lease transfer this weekend. And looks like we will be able to move in to our new home before closing day, Dec. 1st.

Anyhoo, everything is working out so well with this thing, I am waiting for the hammer to fall. I always feel when things start going too well, something's gotta break. Maybe today I'll chip a tooth. Maybe I'll just take a hammer to my chicklets for my own piece of mind.

Or maybe I should just enjoy it and shut the farg up!


Maria said...

Seems like everyone working at the Mix is now living in NDG - does that mean I can now apply as the new radio personality since I am already located in NDG?

Congrats on already obtaining all the appliances you need... I am assuming having your very own washer/dryer MUST be awesome. I always feel bad watching people who walk to the laundromat in the dead of winter lugging their laundry basket. TOUGH!

So when is the house warming and what do we bring? LOL

Newsguy Bob said...

Yeah, shut the farg up.

Let me be the first to point out that the washer and dryer that you're getting has been used to wash the gitches of Mr. and Mrs. Kaptain. And as Grandpappy used to say, "Gitch is gitch, baby."

One voice in my head says to be happy for you and Cornmeister as you enter the world of home ownership. Another voice says to be extremely jealous, because all the voices in my head and I are still frickin' renting in a complex that's one baby step above trailer park status.

Some days, I just wish the voices would shut the hell up.

JB said...

You know what?


We've had everything bad happen to us re: buying our new house and selling our old one, so at least somebody I know (and love - blink, blink) deserves to have an easy time of it.
I'm really happy for you guys.

Will you be moving on the weekend of Nov.25th? ...because that's our move-in weekend. That would be neat in some weird parallel universe sort of way.

p.s. By the way - Three more days, and all your fish are belong to us.

Amazon Woman said...

Woo hoo! Good stuff!

I am sure it will all be good...if not, that is why alcohol was invented.

Keep smilin!

Milky said...

Moving sucks and blows at the same time... but it's SO worth it for your own place that you're not paying a landlord for!!!

We got the keys to our first house, and were so excited!!! We headed straight there from the lawyers office so we could hang in OUR place! Well low and behold, we pulled up and the people who sold the house were still there.

When you hand the keys to the lawyer and sign the paper, it means that you are out. You don't own it anymore.

24 hours later they were still there and we had to call the police. Took these guys another 8 hours to get their stuff out.

When we finally got in, every light bulb, fixture, smoke detector, register cover even the switch plate covers were gone. Holes were punched in the walls too.

Obscenities were spray painted onto the basement walls and the heat vents too.

As my lawyer said, we could go to court and it would cost you $5 grand to recover $2 grand worth of stuff... so we never did anything.

Turned out though that one of my best friends' mom goes to the same church as the parents of the guys we bought the house from. Let's just say that Greek parents don't appreciate their kids behaving like that and we received an apology.

Still... all that BS was worth it! A little paint, some drywall repair and voila! We LOVED that house.

Have fun guys! May your new home bless you with lots of happy memories.


Maria said...

OMG Milky is greek too? Woohoo... I found me a home boy. I agree with him and the greek parents thing. Especially when those greek parents are "church goers" you are really in deep doodoo!

Milky said...

Hi Maria,

Nope... I'm not Greek. Sorry to letcha down. (My last name is of German origin, but my blood lines go 100 different ways.)

The house we bought was owned by 2 Greek brothers. My buddy is Greek as well. It was his Mom that knew their Mom through the Greek Orthodox Church. She figured out who we bought the house from and handled it her way.


Maria said...

Ohhhhhh, thats OK. See what happens when you get the greek mama's involved - they get the job done! Don't mess with 'em! lol

Milky said...

Noooooooo kidding!!!

She's the same Geek mama who had me over to dinner one night and asked me if I knew any Greek words, to which I replied, "Yes!"

With great pride I then proceeded to tell her some of the words I knew! I should have known by the look on my buddy's face that I was about to make a HUGE mistake.

Maybe I said it wrong??? LOL


Milky said...

Ahem... GREEK mama, not GEEK.

Oh geez.


Anonymous said...

Nothing is better than knowing you can throw a load of laundry in at 2 a.m. when your kid (or pooch) has tossed their cookies (or pizza in my case)...I hope all continues to go smoothly for you and Corn et al...:)