Sunday, November 19, 2006


I have written and erased at least 3 sentences that I just typed. I am trying to come up with something good to say..but the truth is, I gots nuthin!

I spent all day yesterday writing the national show. So, I think my brain is tapped.

We went to get a fridge today, then realized the measurements we got from the peeps we are buying from might be slightly off. So, we're gonna wait til Closing Day (Tues or Wed), then take measurements ourselves. Then buy the dang fridge. But we're moving on Friday...which means it's possible we could be fridgeless for a day or 2 because they need 48 hours delivery notice. GROWF.

There's a lot to do, but it's all like, "hurry up and wait" stuff. We can't fast forward things.

All I know is a week from now, I will hopefully be writing this from our new place!

If the danged dubya is hooked up.

In the meantime, there are mini-forts constructed of boxes all over the apartment.

And I haven't seen the ratdawgs in a couple days.


JB said...

Don't forget - yer fridge is supposed to running for 24 hours before you can start (safely) using it...but you probably knew that. We've been trying to co-ordinate having the appliances delivered on Friday and then move the rest of the stuff in on Saturday.
Difference between you guys and us guys is the kids are bigger than your dogs, and they make a lot of noise if we mistakenly pack them in a box, so they never get lost.

Amazon Woman said...

Good luck with the move! It is a beeyotch but worth it.

Keep smilin!