Wednesday, September 20, 2006


A neat thing has happened recently. A forward started going around. You know, those quick question quiz-type things. Except this one was high-school related and I ended up being on an e-mail list with some people I went to school with. These were people I have lost touch with and it was cool to e-see them, at least. So as the forward got passed along, people began replying to 'all'. Then kind of chatting back and forth en masse.

Then on Monday, one of our old classmates told us this (posted with his permission):

Before i go, i just want to share with you something that has just affected me and especially my family today. My cousin Glen Arnold, was just killed in Afghanistan today. He and 3 other Canadians. He was a medic, and was a damn good guy, and damn good father.

As you know, Canada has a proud military history, and has served when needed without hesitation, when fellow humans were in need. This mission is not without controversy, but the men and women who are part of the Canadian army, are there because they believe in Canada and what it stands and has stood for throughout our history.

Glen was at the time of his death, aiding locals and was amongst the local children. A faceless human being rode buy on a bike and detonated a bomb, killing the soldiers, and injuring the local children around them. Glen was no doubt trying to assure the children that they were someday going to be safe and secure and be able to use the pencils and notepads that they were handing to them without fear of the oppressive taliban, who hide behind religion with their cowardice.

I suppose that i just want to share this with you, as when you hear today or tonight of the 4 soldiers killed on the news, that you know that it indeed is somehow connected to all of us in some way. Whatever your political views, just remember that the men and women of the Canadian army, are there and serve proudly where our government, and by extension us, have asked them to.

The next time you see parents wearing the support our troops ribbon, go up to them and greet them and tell them thanks, because im sure that if they had the choice, they would rather have their children back safe in Canada instead of risking their lives for us. It will make them feel proud.

Glen died serving his country, and he did his family proud. He leaves behind 4 children, his youngest son just 4 months old, and a family that will miss him dearly.

I hope all of you are well, live and love.

Because we hear of this war nearly everyday, it's sometimes difficult to really pay attention. When the war dead become merely headlines, we allow ourselves to become indifferent. And it's not right. It's not right when innocent civilians die in their homeland and it's not right when people like Glen Arnold die either. Please let it make a difference for you - please don't let that headline go by without really appreciating the lives behind it.


Ma Horton said...

We are all connected somehow in this world of ours . Say a prayer for this young man and his family today .

Maria said...

I hate to see innocent people who are trying to make the world a better place loose their life. God Bless him and his young family.

JB said...

As the story went, the Canadian soldiers were handing out candy, among other things, to some of the local children. Candy. Think of the mood you'd be in, and how good you would feel, while being surrounded by children, giving them candy - and then to have your life taken from you.
This, to me, is a perfect example why this kind of killing is called terrorism. People with hearts and souls do not kill people who are handing out candy to children.
Rest in peace, Glen. You deserved so much better treatment on Earth than what you received.