Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pay is for sale, y'all!

Pay sent me a link to the hottest online auction going! Check it out, here!


JB said...

Nat, please tell Pay that Liam and Morgan (our almost 10-month-old twins) are enjoying watching her on Treehouse TV these days, where she is part of a show called "Four Squares". Of course, we don't know if she taped this years ago, or if it's something she's done recently - or is possibly still doing, but the kids like her, nontheless.
(Also, during Letterman, although we always mute the sound during the spots, I make sure the sound is on when Pay comes on, 'cause she's so darn cute!)

Anonymous said...

I've been racking my brain all day trying to figure out why Pay looks so familiar...thanks JB, now I'll be able to sleep tonight!