Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Below "See" Level.

So, what do you yahoos know about semi-basement dwellings? Bad? Good? What to look for?

I'm all oreilles. Bring it.


Jul said...

I lived in a semi basement for a year, and I liked it(hydro is cheaper). You are close to the door, you have access(usually) to the grass/yard, but you have to be careful if you are close to a street, you will get all kinds of fumes from parked cars when you leave your window open, and the snow tends to build up around your window in the winter. I lost my bedroom window to a pile of snow, and had to dig it out on a constant basis... I also got robbed because people have a direct view of what is in your home, and when you are not home... There are many pluses and many minuses. If you do look for a semi basement, I would make sure that you had lots of windows, and make sure they are big so you dont feel like you are in a basement.

Maria said...

Nat I spoke to my hubby about the semi-basement thing and he said to make sure that it is properly insulated otherwise it will be very uncomfortable in the winter months. I am sure that the inspectors who do the home inspections can tell you if the insulation is adequate or not or maybe get a company that specializes in checking things like that.


Amazon Woman said...

Too close to the feet of others for my taste! LOL...actually...if you two lurve it, then it will work.

Keep smilin!

Milky said...

Lived in one while in college. Kids soccer balls always crashed into the windows. Couldn't see out in the winter. If anyone left a car running nearby - peee-yew! Also - any dog, cat, squirrel etc.. was always right outside your window. Don't know how your little poo machines are with other critters hanging around, but you'll want to consider that.

Further to Maria's comment about home inspectors - make sure you hire your own, not one who is referred to you by the agent. You want someone helping you make an educated and informed decision instead of someone who may be trying to help an agent sell a house.

It's the best $300 you'll ever spend. My inspector saved me from buying two seperate properties - and I'm a pretty handy guy who can do most renos in a home. It's amazing what they can show you.

One home looked AMAZING! Then my inspector noticed the stippled ceiling was a different texture in the dining room than in the living room. A quick check of the plumbing upstairs revealed that there had been some major leaks in that house. The second had some serious foundation issues - all hidden behind their recent basement "reno."


N@ Lauzon said...

Hey guys! You rock rock rock! Thanks for all your input. Corn and I have chatted it over and you know - we hadn't even considered that whole - not being able to SEE out the window thing in winter! AND Milky, the critters in the windows? The dogs would have a shit fit. And while they enjoy a frequent poop sandwich..this would not be good.

Wanna see it just for funsies though?
Go here: http://www.sergegabriel.com/en/index.htm Then View Listings. It's the first place. Not bad though eh?

Anonymous said...

Hey Nat,

I lived 2 years in a semi-basement and would never go back to it. Very humid and dark - even if the blinds are open. And if the blinds are open, everyone has a view into your apartment.

That's just my two cents!