Wednesday, September 13, 2006


*Update* Apparently, one of the shooting victims - a girl - has died. This is tragic and senseless and makes me want to beat my head against the wall. It will be a tossy turny night for thousands in Montreal. My deepest thoughts and condolences for this poor girl - who simply went to school today. ERGH. And to have no one to blame, no one to suffer for his crimes - is even more maddening. The coming days will be delicate. Keep the victims top of mind.

By now you have heard of the shooting at Dawson College today..a couple blocks from the radio station. It happened in the atrium area of the school around 12:45 - just as I was finished work and about 20 minutes before I was to be right in front of the school on my way home.

The downtown core is still a mess...students, bystanders and emergency crews everywhere. And there are still unconfirmed reports of dead and injured..though, I have heard one confirmed report of a death - and that is is likely the (or one of?) the shooters.

Students were barracaded in classrooms, calling parents from their cellphones - scared as f*ck. This is INSANITY.

It is now almost 4pm and the shizz is still going down, downtown. I just got home by cab because the metro is closed.

This is completely surreal and sad and unbelievable and I am still glued to my radio and TV.

13 injured, 4 critical, 1 death. Praying that no innocent lives were lost.


confused said...

It is absolutely insane! I go to Dawson College and I thank god I wasn't there at that time. I was however, there earlier this morning and had gone home and was planning to head back to Dawson for my 4pm class. I had gotten a text message from my friend around 1pm saying "Get out of school now!" and I had wondered what she was talking about and a few minutes later had gotten a call from her and she had told me that there was a shooting! I was floored! I couldn't believe it, I thought maybe she had made a mistake but then it was all over the news and I was in shock and so happy I was safe and sound at home with my family. I am literally shaking and just don't want to even go back to that school. I keep questioning what posessed these gunmen to do something like this? I never thought something like this would happen here. I am so happy for all those who made it out and my heart goes out to those who were injured.

zoey castelino said...

It's never easy to take when something like this happens. Any loss of life is not good. And just when the world was starting to get back to normal. I really thought (prayed) that Montreal was above this kind of thing. But as we see, something of this nature can happen anywhere and anytime.

Twiggy said...

I know a student at Dawson, and a teacher there as well (her class ended at 12 and got home just as the news was breaking). My friend was supposed to meet one of her friends at 12h45 at her locker - i.e the atrium. My friend was late bc of class, and her friend was just getting to the locker when the shots were fired. While my friend was boarded up in her classroom on the 7th floor, her friend was crawling on her stomach towards the exit after the gunshots...once she got out she met up with one her friends, one who'd also been in atrium, and actually witnessed one of the students get shot in the head.
i don't even know where to begin on how wrong this all is and how it will severly affect all those students and families...

take care everyone, hug a loved one today!

Milky said...

I've had tears in my eyes all day, and prayers in my heart.

There are no words.

May God bless.

Anonymous said...

not to sound insensitive, but watching all the newsfootage and being down at the site, I don't feel connected to the whole big deal. I'm sorry but it all just seems too normal in today's society.

Maria said...

So sad to hear such trajic news. My heart goes out to the family of the victim who instead of being able to see their child happy & healthy will have to be making funeral arrangements.

I hate to say it but what kind of world are we bringing children into? My son and my daughter are my life and to outlive your child I don't think you ever get over that.

God Bless you Anastasia and lets pray for the rest of the victims still in ICU.

Amazon Woman said...

So sad. The healing is beginning but it is a long road.

Condolences to the family and friends of Anastasia.

Keep smilin!