Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Shooter

I could write his name here, but I'd hate to give that sack of skin any further publicity.

I actually just read his ENTIRE weblog -dating back from December up until yesterday morning. I have no idea how it is still available online (I'm guessing not for too much longer), but it is. The guy was a sad, sad case. Seemed very up and down in his emotions. Seemed lonely, alone, desperate...and also cold, angry, hateful and full of rage. I feel sick saying this - knowing that one girl is dead and 2 more victims are 'extremely critical', not to mention the thousands of students, parents, citizens who will be affected for a long time to come - but I almost pity the guy. I do NOT understand, condone, rationalize what he did - but he comes off as someone with obvious unresolved issues and pain and the only way to deal was to become introverted and angry and hate everything and everyone until he absolutely believed the rest of the world was unhinged - instead of himself.

It's sad. It's tragic that it came to this. The death of this innocent girl is an indescribable loss.
I'm sad. I'm sad for her family. I'm sad for kids who will feel unsafe at school forever. I'm sad for a city that has experienced this for the 3rd time. I'm sad for the world changing like this. I'm sad for kids who are bullied in school and have no where to turn and no one to talk to. I'm sad for kids whose parents don't take the time to find out about their lives. SIGH.

One day at a time, Montreal.


kim said...

Over the year's I've found that whenever anyone mentions the December 6 shooting at Polytechnique, out of habit, someone in the crowd inevitably says the shooter's name. It saddens me to know that his name is on the tip of almost every Montrealer's tongue, and yet how many of us can actually name any of the victims from December 6th?

Thank you, Nat, for NOT including the shooter's name, for not giving him any glory. I respect you so much for that. And I kinda wish the media would do the same...

Maria said...

Ditto on my part. I understand that many children go through "bullying" in one way or another and do not resort to this type of behaviour, why do some just go over the edge like that?

When I sat and read the paper last night and noticed that Anastasia's body was removed from the premises of the school in the evening at the same time as that animal I thought 'why did they not provide her with more dignity than that?'

I had a nice long chat with my son last night while I lay in bed with him hugging and kissing him (he is 11) and I told him that if ever there is anything bothering him that he wants to talk about his parents are his very best friends and will help him no matter what! He says "I know Mom don't be so mushy" lol although it was a cute response I could not help but laugh because I tell him that so often I just could not emphasize it enough after that tragedy. I think if children had better role models (I am not saying he didn't have some - but what the?) Then I thought I wonder what his mother, father, friends, relatives will be living through now because of his actions? I can not help but pray for them also.

My prayers are with Anastasia and her family and may they find the strength to go on and keep her spirit alive always.