Monday, August 07, 2006


And from our jaunt to the cottage in Timmins, some of Corn's movie magic!!

BONUS #1: in the first movie, you will see a horrible old skool shot of me!

BONUS #2: you see Corn's acting skill in the second movie!



Rick said...

The Corn-o movies are great, was that that chachi’s big debut in “Movie2” ? So any chance of adding them to next years line up of Mix movies in the Park? Maybe a short before the movie starts. Hey if you want a good movie with some animal humor check out this link
This is my friends site , the video he made won first place in a contest and the punk took home a theater system.

CQ said...

I never figured Pearl Jam for a tranquil cottage setting, but it kinda works...Some day maybe Ma will take pity on me and have me out for a visit too...BTW, love the whole Gone With the Wind Dress, I bet you were

Tanja said...

The part with Chachi is priceless. I think the doggy stole the show ;)

N@ Lauzon said...

RICK...sooo loving the Furminator! Corn loves making short films. Mebbie he'll let me link you to some others. :)

Amazon Woman said...

That is the best! I love the two differences of the beauty and sentiment of the first one and the sheer hilarity of the second one. The puppy cameo...almost fell out of my chair!

Keep smilin!

Amazon Woman said...

BTW, no problemo for linking me but they are waaayyy at the bottom!

Keep smilin!

Rick said...

That be awesome, if he’s cool showing nibblits ( no more puns I promise) of his work you can toss the link in to my Gmail. On a side note how’s Flea doing? Still 10 on 10 ?

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at the second movie "High School Swimmer." The bloopers at the end were the best.


JB said...

tres tres humorous!