Thursday, August 10, 2006

Two sleeps!

Two sleeps til we pawn off the furfaces on friends, throw our suitcases in the trunk and settle in for a 13 hour haul to PEI.

Well, Corn will drive. I will settle. He drives standard and I claim ignorance when it comes to knowing how to operate a stick. Unless it comes in one of these.
Either way, my job is important too. I am master of the snacks and i-pod. Corn's car is almost spare parts, but it's managed to get us there and back the last 2 summers so, we're crossing our fingers.

Also, there is no a/c. So, yesterday I went out and bought a little fan that connects to the car lighter. Corn thought it was ridiculous. But when it's 35 degrees out and he's sweating like Jessica Simpson at a Mensa meeting - we'll see who ridiculous! I'm not sharing my fan air. I will sit on my side in cool comfort, the wind blowing thru my hair.

This will be our 3rd summer on the island, and I LOVE it. The pace of life is relaxed, the beaches have white sand, and the ocean is in the backyard. Does it get any better?

This year, I'll be visiting Bruce Myers. He lives on the Magdalen Islands and he has a big, floppy puppy named Calvin. Calvin still hasn't learned that eating raw starfish will give him the poops all night. Anyway - the ferry to the Mags leaves from Souris (the city we are in) and it's a 5 hour ride. I'm looking forward to it.

Turns out Johnny Moo will be visiting Bruce at the same time, so that will be no fun at all. None. Buncha killjoys if you axe me.

Course, we only have a week, so I still want to get in a little terasse-plus-mussels-plus-beer action in Charlottetown and some beach time.


On another note, I have enlisted a professional DOGWALKER for Chachi! He went on his first 'group outing' yesterday. Walked up the mountain with a retriever, a great dane and 2 other chihuahuas. They take them out for an hour, so I'm glad to know he's getting the exercise. Though, when I came home yesterday afternoon, he was still full of beans and I took him out again. This dawg's energy is LIMITLESS. Flea, on the other hand - fine with a leisurely stroll around a couple blocks. And yeah - she's doing good right far, so good. Thanks.


Rick said...


I had no idea they still made Fun Dip!! My Fembot is a Candy-holic – she’d be so happy to find out they still sell them…to bad I won’t be passing along this info. BTW, that little Fan will work better if you accessories it with a spray bottle full of water (or another liquid of your choice). This Tip was passed on to me by a buddy-o-mine that went to Florida with no AC. But how HOT can it get in mid August anyway? (Famous last words)

Any who N@ have a safe drive! Remember to speed passed the Radar traps.

dinky said...


Tell him I said HELLO!!

Maybe I'll find an east-indian Bruce here for me to love... hahahahahaha