Monday, August 28, 2006

Humble Pie. MMM...pie...

Sometimes people can be so wonderful, I want to reach through the radio and squeeze them til goop oozes. Now and then, people will write to me just to tell me that they like and appreciate what I do. This always takes me aback a little because here is a person who has taken time out of their day to do something that makes me feel awesome...just to say thanks! And even though I say it anyway, I always feel that saying thank you back is NEVER enough. I used to save the e-mails - but one day I somehow felt that seemed egotistical...y'know, to save them? I felt like I didn't want to rely on them for an ego boost or somehow get into a comfortable, stale zone - does that makes sense? Either way, they all matter to me because they're all from someone I have somehow 'touched' and not in a show-me-on-the-teddy way.

Tonight I came home and checked my e-mail and found this:

Hands down? Your the best thing on the radio and could work any major
city/States or other wise. I'm sure you are, but try anything Movie/Tv.
*only do stuff you love. I'm laughing everyday and I've been known to spit juice on
"high notes" (rare but beautiful). Best wishes.

THANK YOU! I am ever-humbled and value that the most precious thing people can give me is time out of their day to listen to the radio. The day I take that for granted, is the day I better find me a new gig. I love that I could cause a spittake moment. Let me tell you, the best feeling in the world is making people laugh. And when someone tells me I've done it, it's like flying.

So thanks for making the world that much smaller. And thanks for letting me do what I do.


Rick said...


You’re a radio DJ? Wow!!! What station are you with? This is awesome, I know a celebrity!

Justbustin…I’m a loyal listener, though I’m starting to feel old cause all the songs I listen to in High school and CEGEP are now the Oldies, and when did the phrase “ Word to your mother” go out of style?! AHAH!!!!… On the subject of keeping e-compliments, I don’t think that keeping them is egotistical, too few times we’re paid compliments and they’re a lot harder to remember than the criticisms and insults. I say hold on to them, even if you never look at them again, you’ll know they’re there. Besides one day if you ever write your memoirs, you’ll have some of the feed back from your fans.

Amazon Woman said...

You rock sister friend!

Keep smilin!

Twiggy said...

Quote from my sister, while we were talking about radio : "Nat's the best."
Response by me: "Duh" followed by a plug for this blog.

Nat, you are HA-LARRY-US. We thought you knew!

oh, and definitly keep'em. If you have a bad day...scrool through one or two of them: instant feeling of better :)