Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Results...

The vet called Corn this morning to tell us that - FLEA IS FINE! Her liver is functioning as it should - no shunt, no weirdness - it's all on the up and up. And this last test (bile acid) is the one that would find absolutely anything wrong. This finding is such good news, since her urinalysis found bilirubin crystals (again)..which is indicative of liver problems.

He said that we need to keep an eye on the seizures (they seem to be getting more frequent) and that if they become all too common, we will look at medication.

Well colour me RELIEVED. And still...what's the deal with the bilirubin crystals? I am (mostly) relieved but at this point, I have done all I can. I hope I'm not being a dogachondriac (hell, I NEVER get this way with Chachi..it's just that Flea is just so spare parts and who knows what her medical background is..we already know she came from bad breeding *except in the personality department*) I have a few residual questions for the vet and then - it's take it one day at a time, I guess. Thanks for being patient. This has been top of mind for the last few days!

Now back to our regularly scheduled stupidity...


Tara said...

I'm so happy to hear Flea's o.k!! As for being a dogachondriac, I hear ya - they're like our kids and we want them to be healthy. So if that's what it takes, no biggie - as long as you don't swing the other way, which I doubt is a problem! ;)


Rick said...


Flea looks like one tough Pup, now she can get back to the poop sandwiches (shudder). Tara, your absolutely right, there no problem being dogachondriac, They’re the ones who tug at our socks and our hearts, its impossible to not to worry about them. Hey N@ has she started milking the situation for all it’s worth?

Amazon Woman said...

Yeah...liver up and up! Really happy to hear. I can understand that it is still worrisome.

They are our furry babies and we love and cherish them. Even if they poo in your shoes!

Keep smilin!