Monday, July 24, 2006

Fin de Vay-K (with apologies to Pon De Replay)

Ahoy, friends!

And we're back! Ah, look how fast a week went - back to back posts. Looks like no time at all went by this way. How I do enjoy playin' wit cher MIIIIND!

We had a great trip up to Timmins. 10 hours one way. We rented a car with the a and the c (Corn's car doesn't have air because it was constructed during Flintstone time). As Corn likes to tell everyone, I insisted on the rental because my MEXICAN dogs need air conditioning. Yes, it's true. The rental was for descendants from the most arid, hot, dry climate going. No, YOU shut up.

In August (when the dawgs are boarded), we're going to PEI in Corn's car. It's the 3rd summer that ol' gal will be taking us there and back. 13 hours with my ass cheeks sweating into the fabric of the well-worn seats. Like an old friend I tells ya. I bet if you wrung out the seats, you'd find my ass sweat from LAST summer even. But I always look forward to it. And to the Mcdonald's garbage we throw into our faces on road trips. It's the only time I ever let myself eat McDick's - and about 5 minutes later, I'm wishing the McNugget Trio had come with a mini-stomach pump. But hey, that's summer livin'.

So, yeah...Timmins! We spent most of the week up at the cottage. Hopefully, my mom can send some more photos of my trip or post them on HER site because whenever I get the camera out, I end up taking shots like this:

A week ago today, Northeastern Ontario was whipped around by a severe thunderstorm. Me, Corn, Flea (who is afraid of storms) and Chachi (who couldn't give a shit if the cottage was crumbling around us, as long as we threw his squeaky toy) - we were up at the cottage. At 9am, the sky was SOOOO black, it looked like midnight. Corn said, "I wonder if it's the end of the world but no one can tell us because we have no phone." The thunder crashed above us and rumbled the walls so severely, that even I wanted to hide under the bed with Flea until it passed. Which it did - but we later learned there was lots of damage done. On our way back on Sunday, we passed thru a town with several fallen trees - a couple of them crashed down over houses and one into the LCBO sign (I thought Jesus drank wine, what gives?)

One night, my dad dug into the garage and pulled out some boxes full of old school stuff. Like - drawings and stuff me and Dawn had made in various grades. Some of that stuff is priceless. Like a diary entry my sister wrote when she was little, which went something like this: "Scott and Leo were in class saying that a pennus was called a peashalulu. I say you and your peashalulu, your crazy" (FYI, the correct pronunciation is pee-sha-loo-loo.)

I found an old diary, which spans my life from 1984 to 1996 (age 9-21) Yeah, scary. Reading through it was INSANE..even seeing the change in my handwriting and the topics of convo. Here is one entry dated Friday Dec.13th, 1985 (I am 10 - grammatical errors included for full effect):

Dear Diary,

Darrell pulled Kris's pants halfway down today and I saw his blue underwear. It seems that all the boys wear blue underwear. Except Simon, he wears purple! HA! HA!

So, guess you haven't heard. Napoleon the Kindergarden teacher's hampster was lost for a few days. Mr. Tulpinski made a trap for it. They finally got him back. A LOT OF THANKS FOR MR. TULPINSKI! 3 CHEERS FOR HIM! RAAH! RAAH! RAAH! Hey guess what only 1 week and 4 days til Christmas!

Oh my god, okay - I just found one more that made me die of laughter. It's April 11th, and I am 9 years old:

Dear Diary,

Kathy and Kasey both like Darrell. They are getting carried away. They wrote a love note and they were going to give him a chocolate bar. Christine likes Darrell. I think if someone or people liked Darrell and I liked him I wouldn't get carried away. Of coarse, everybody knows I like Mario.

Like that? Don't ever give a boy a chocolate bar unless you REALLY like him, okay? Or unless you are prepared for age of majority contact with his peashalulu.

Say friends, I thought it might be fun if you threw out a date at me - anytime between 1984-1996 - and I'll show you the closest diary entry to that date. Wanna? This will either be funny or fall down go boom like Sean Preston. But whatever - let's give it a try! GIMME A DATE!


Maria said...

OK lets go with... January 1, 1996. What was happening at that time? By the way Welcome Back!

Zoey Castelino said...

Welcome back, Nat. I want to see June 23, 1989. It was the day Batman came out! (And by that I mean the movie came out... not Batman suddenly put an end of all those Boy Wonder rumors.)

I remember what I was doing that day. What were you up to?

Maria said...

Oh yeah and lets also go for...
July 25, 1992 that is the day Hubby & I were married. 14 glorious years ago TODAY!

Happy Anniversary My honey Bunches of Oates!

JB said...

Anytime between July 29 and Aug 2, 1985. Just for fun for now, and I'll tell you why later.

Laughing my peashalulu off at those entries. Do you even remember what Mario looked like?

Hope you all had a great vacation together, and welcome back.

kim said...

Hmmmmm... I want to see the entry closest to June 1, 1987 or June 1, 1993.

And did you tell Ma Horton she's welcome to come stay with me in Dallas? Even WITHOUT YOU?

Amazon Woman said...

Wilkommen Home! Too funny..Mario, Mario, where for art thou Mario!

I too only take poopie dog pictures! Yours are wicked!

Random date...April 8, 1985

Keep smilin