Friday, July 14, 2006

Gone Fishin'!

Sharing a quickie with you before we take off for Timmins, in hopefully - 7 hours.
We'll likely be at the cottage incommunicado for most of the time, but if technology permits, I'll drop ya a line from the Nord.

From me and Corn and the ratdawgs, Happy Summer!


Anonymous said...

Hey N@, Welcome home to the great north...hope you have a relaxing time...

Amazon Woman said...

Have a great vacances!

Keep smilin!

dinky said...

hey - buttlick.. have fun! take lots o' pics!

Trev said...

NAT!! Lov yer site. Mel just pointed it out. Well done.
Perhaps we will see you fer some larfs in Montreal soon.
Is there such a thing as a vegetarian poutine over there?Trev