Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Diary. Aaah! ( give it a second)

Alrighty then, let's dig into the pages of my life and extract the diary entries from your suggested dates. My current-day comments are in bold.

Maria (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Now, the closest I have to Jan. 1st, 1996 is Jan. 20th, 1996. I am 20. And here's what it says:

Dear Diary,

well, it's another semester at wonderful Rye High. I'm feeling sort of indifferent to be back. I think the novelty of T.O. has worn off. I don't think TV is for me and therefore it's a little distressing that we only have ONE radio class this term.

Anyway. Me, Grenks, Mark, Chris and Charmaine are going out tonight. I think maybe to Etobicoke to see a country band!

Well-once again- I've become a wee bit smitten with someone. His name is Arty McCheesepants (*names have been changed to protect the innocent*). I've known him since last year - but last week, we were discussing movies in the RTA Lounge and we both said how we wanted to go see "12 Monkeys". He called me and left a message, asking if I wanted to see it (while I was AT IT with Michal and Paul) - but I called him the next night and we blabbed for 3 hours. Anyway - we ran into each other @ the Atrium and he said he had a surprise for me and gave me a little clay Mr. Potato Head that he made for me! It was so sweet!!

There's more but it's boring (honest). I realized a couple dates later that I wasn't interested anyway. Maybe it was the Mr. Potato Head that made me think I was in love with him. HAH! Okay, now onto:

Zoey! June 23rd, 1989. The closest I have is June 20th, 1989. I am 13.

Dear Diary,

Grad is in 2 days (from Grade 8). Right now, I hear a robin getting angry - probably at a cat trying to get its babies - but it's past 10 pm and I can't get outside to save it (damn curfews!). I wish I could. Well, I can't hear it anymore, but I'm pretty sure it flew away because there was nothing else it could do. I hope everything's okay. It makes me sad.

I found a robin's nest in the tree today but not the oak tree, another tree beside it - the big green one (as opposed to?). And it's pretty low too, so a cat could get it, that's why I'm going to put chicken wire around the trunk (so it can't climb up) as soon as I can!! Hopefully, nothing ruins the nest tonight! - like last year when the warbler's nest in the bushes got torn apart by a cat (I know which one too!) down the lane - there were eggs in it too. I was so sad that I cried.

Sincerely, Natalie Lauzon

p.s. I wrote my letter to the management of CROWDED HOUSE and mailed it today!

JB! You asked for anytime between July 29 and August 2nd, 1985. The closest I have is May 30th, 1985. I am 9.

Dear Diary,

I don't like Christine (my best friend) in my own little way. Today Christine was very stupid. I just said for her to look at something and she just turned her head. This is Christine for ya! Sometimes I like her and sometimes I don't!

(this is accompanied by a drawing of Christine with boogers running down her face and a tongue sticking up to catch the flow. Hey, I was 9).

So - what was the significance of the dates? Oh! And for the record, I do remember what Mario looked like. In fact....

Now, Kim! You wanted June 1, 1987. I found June 14th, 1987. I am 11.

Dear Diary,

It's Sunday but I'll write this (pretend it's Sat!). We went to go see a movie today! Ah, it was so funny! it was called FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF! It was great! Mr. Osterberg laughed! My mom said, if HE laughs, then it's funny. I guess I'll fill you in on the latest news!

1. I like Kris! And I know he likes me too! Boy is he a doll! HUBBA HUBBA! (like grandpa says)

2. Danny had to get his appendix out a few weeks ago. Christine and I went to go see him. His colour was good! He was at school on Friday!

3. The class made a card for him and we all pitched in to buy him flowers. I made the poem inside the card!

4. Kathy likes Danny! She said when she liked Darrell she really liked Danny. Ha! She's probably lying! Her and Leah wear eye shadow! Stupid eh?

That's all for now!

Your friend,
Natalie Lauzon

It appears! As though! I really liked! Exclamation points! back then! Huh?!!!

Also, eye shadow is for sluts. I mean...for sluts!


Maria said...

Too funny! By the way thanks for the wonderful anniversary wishes I heard it during the nooner!

Those entries are funny and cute. I used to have a diary as a kid but once I married and left the nest I have not been able to find it. My mother has turned my old "bedroom" into a shrine and its so cluttered you can't find anything in there so I gave up looking several years ago. She still has to this day my sweet "16" candles on a bookshelf in my old bedroom. (Like I am going to use them again?) Throw them out MOM I am 36 and have no further use for them!

There now I feel better!

Anonymous said...


(Mario's quite the babe incidentally.)

Amazon Woman said...

More funny bits to laugh my butt out of my chair!

So, apparently, exclamation points were in, eyeshadow was out. You were even funny as a kid!

Keep smilin!

JB said...

Cool! Mario looks like a former friend of mine, Frank (who you wouldn't like - Let me rephrase that - who you'd be better off not liking).
That week, I had just returned to Halifax from St. John's Newfoundland, and got a job at C100-FM. Started mornings that week a year later. You were ten!

JB said...

By the way...You could always keep the candles for your 61st birthday!

JB said...

That previous comment was for Maria, of course.

Maria said...

61st birthday ? I am hoping that when I reach 61 my kids who have cost me the equivalent of a second morgage will splurge the $2.00 for the damn candles!

Twiggy said...

omg! I laughed soo hard at the whole exclamation points! maybe it's my brain that's turned to much after being at the cottage and away from my comp so long...incidently (sp?) the cottage is almost the only place I ever wrote in a diary...
anywho. time to get back up north!