Monday, June 12, 2006

Stuff and Things

Holy poopsmacks! I love that Maria and JB actually met IN PERSON! Oh my god - were you all like, "Wow, you don't look like your font online"? Too funny. And for the record, Maria--trust me my tiles aren't worth a public viewing. I'd much rather we roast a big veggie bean burrito on a spit on your backyard (that's what Greeks do, right?)

I've been to a couple of Italian weddings in my life and I must say, it is the longest, most marathon-like session of eating I have ever experienced. I don't know about you all, but I get to a certain point of the night when I just CAN'T eat after a certain time - say, 9pm - and that's usually when it's just getting started. Insane. I think Italian wedding receptions should come standard with a complementary broom at every seat. So, by the 15th course, you can kindly ask your neighbour to pack the food down your throat with the handle.

Hey, I have been wondering lately - what ever happened to Karen?! (Buzzin Cob - do you keep in touch at all?) Remember our friendly neighbourhood surrogate mom who used to post here all the time? And THAT got me to wondering about some other 'regulars' who have had infrequent cameos lately: Judyna, SCIS, Chicken Chucker, Newsguy Bob, Milky? Where are you people? Am I not being entertaining enough? Have you had your fill and tossed me like yesterday's disposable undies?

I am so needy. It is appropriate that I have chihuahuas.

Guess what? Ma Horton is comin' to town soon! And we are going to go see MADONNA! How hilarious is that? Me and my ma and some 40-something chick in purple hot pants (referring to the Madonna wannabe who will likely be standing in front of us).


Maria said...

WE MAKE LAMB in the backyard on a spit NAT - LAMB!! But that counts like veggies in "greek culture".

STOP eating by 9PM? Thats just impossible... for italians as well as greeks if there isn't food on the table at any given time of the night and while guests are still there then its not a party! No idea why we think like that! You are just not full enough if you are not walking around crouched over holding your stomach and you are so full you feel like you are going to explode any minute someone pokes you the wrong way! lol
In any case, it was a fun, fun weekend!

Ma Horton said...

..oh honeysuckle .. N@ let the virgin out of the bag that I am booting it to la belle province for Madonna ..( aaaaaaaaaaaand I am packin' my purple hot pants too ! )

Tanja said...

How can you forget the sweet table at midnight!!!!

Italien weddings are the best, the food is never gross or dissapointing. And no matter how much of a pig I make of myself, I always have room for the chocolate fountain.

JB said...

...and I thought *I* was the only one who's actually eaten the entire chocolate fountain. Congratulations, tanja! ;-)

Guess who I emailed yesterday to tell her about the Tink site?
KAREN! (insert spooky Twilight Zone music here...)

LOVE the broomhandle idea. It could be double-purpose...used also for removing rude drunks from the festivities in a 'special' manner.

p.s. I got all the disposable undies you could ever need over here, babe. Three Diaper Champs full per week. Enjoy your meal.

Tanja said...

I think I could make a movie and rather than call it the wedding crashers I will be the chocolate fountain crasher. I am the one that stands there guarding the strawberries and pineapples and snarl or poke those who dare come to close with the little wooden sticks. If I am really amused I will throw grapes at them. Who the heck wants those anyways to dip in chocolate, such a pain in the ass!

I think if I get married rather than food every table will get its own chocolate fountain and they can dip whatever they want in there LOL. I am sure that will go over really well.

Chicken Chucker said...

I'm here. Where's Kneesox??